YouFibre’s Home Working Heroes: Shoaib Ahmed Shares Remote Success Story

YouFibre, a leading broadband provider, unveils the latest installment in its “Home Working Heroes” series, featuring Shoaib Ahmed, the Founder of Yello Hippo, a LinkedIn-first personal branding agency. As part of the series, YouFibre explores the profound impact of remote work on Shoaib’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Journey to Success

Shoaib Ahmed’s meteoric rise includes founding Yello Hippo, a personal branding agency that has generated multiple six-figures in revenue within 18 months. Specializing in LinkedIn branding for entrepreneurs and business leaders, Shoaib’s team has worked with over 55 clients, amassing an impressive 115 million impressions.

Recognition and Accolades

Shoaib’s accomplishments extend beyond business success. Recently named the ‘North West’s Young Entrepreneur of The Year’ for 2023 and receiving the ‘Highly Commended’ Rising Star award at the MEN Business Awards 2023, he has become a notable figure in the entrepreneurial landscape. As a regular keynote speaker, Virgin Startup Mentor, and podcast host, Shoaib’s journey exemplifies the modern entrepreneur.

Academic Background and Early Career

Shoaib’s journey began with a degree in Geography, but his passion for marketing led him to a year in the media agency industry in London. This experience provided hands-on exposure to various marketing facets, from events to social media, shaping his multifaceted skill set. Post-graduation, Shoaib leveraged this experience to secure a role in a branding startup, where he consistently exceeded job responsibilities.

Remote Work’s Transformative Role

Shoaib emphasizes the pivotal role remote work played in his career progression. The flexibility of remote work allowed him to actively network, share insights online, and study social media content creators. Through dedication and leveraging his skills, he built a personal brand, amassing a following of 10,000 on LinkedIn and converting many followers into clients.

Benefits of Remote Work

For Shoaib, remote work has been a game-changer, enabling him to connect with a global audience without the constraints of commutes or costs. With remote employees based in Newcastle and South Africa, he underscores the importance of hiring talent globally. The ability to dictate his work environment has made him hyper-productive, optimizing his routine around his life.

Building Strong Remote Teams

Despite the physical distance, Shoaib prioritizes building relationships with his remote team. Constant communication through WhatsApp, Zoom calls, and scheduled non-work chats fosters a sense of camaraderie. An open-chat policy ensures accessibility, allowing team members to reach out via email, DM, or meetings at any time.

Advice for Remote Career Builders

Shoaib advises aspiring remote workers to become invaluable assets by honing their craft through online courses, gaining relevant work experience, and networking proactively. Building a personal brand is crucial for showcasing professional value. He emphasizes that working remotely is a privilege earned through trust and delivering exceptional results.

Ideal Remote Work Setup

Shoaib’s ideal remote work setup reflects the flexibility he cherishes. Working from various locations, including his kitchen table and coffee shops, underscores the adaptability of remote work. Whether doing deep work with headphones on or engaging in creative brainstorming with his team, the ever-changing setup epitomizes the freedom remote work provides.

As YouFibre celebrates the launch of its 8000 Mbps package, the “Home Working Heroes” series continues to shed light on inspiring stories of success, showcasing the transformative influence of reliable broadband on the careers of entrepreneurs like Shoaib Ahmed.

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