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The “Old School” Disty you Should Know About

Kenton Group. Now, technically, Kenton is a Technology Broker (as Che keeps telling me), but to keep life simple, I’ve stuck to “disty”, to make the article read smoother. Anyway… Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Kenton Group at Lord’s Cricket Ground. I had the pleasure of meeting some new … Read more

How GigaBritain® Is Making A Return Of The “Personal-Partner”  

Recently, the channel gossip has been turning its attention to GigaBritain (the new wholesale brand of the Telcom Group, recently announced as the UK’s fastest business internet provider.   So, being the ultra gossip I am, I put my investigative hat securely in place and started browsing online (LinkedIn) to see if I had any … Read more

Eight Advisory Report, Part 2 – How Altnets Can Close The Penetration Gap

If you’re in the broadband industry, particularly with a stake in the UK’s Altnets (Alternative Networks), Eight Advisory’s latest report is a must-read. Here’s why this insightful piece is crucial for anyone looking to understand and navigate the current and future landscape of fibre networks. The report delves into the critical shift happening among fibre … Read more

Brigantia take centre stage at Infosecurity Europe

Cybersecurity Distributor, Brigantia, are exhibiting for the very first time at Europe’s leading security event – Infosecurity Europe. Showcasing their impressive growth, the cybersecurity distributor will be making their presence known at the three-day event, exhibiting at one of the most sort after stands in the expo. Exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe is a significant milestone … Read more

Freedom Fibre awarded £43 million to upgrade broadband infrastructure in rural Cheshire as part of Project Gigabit

More positive news from Freedom this morning! These guys are absolutely on a roll. Going somewhat “under” our radar until early 2024, they’re moving at a rapid pace in the right direction! Their wholesale offering is the talk of the town, and now they have announced a huge Project Gigabit rollout to bring ultra-fast full … Read more

Vorboss – Laying Fibre, the Right Way

Vorboss, the “altnet” supplying chunky, affordable ethernet to London businesses, has again received recognition from the City of London Corporation as part of the Considerate Contractor Scheme for delivering “exemplary” work. In a nutshell, they’re smashing it when it comes to laying fibre in central London, which, for any engineer or network supplier, knows this … Read more

Cuckoo & GoCardless Continue Their Tech Loving Relationship

Cuckoo has entered into a new three-year agreement with GoCardless to further enhance their “tech-heavy” end-user experience. Now, this usually wouldn’t be the most exciting news to report on, but this is Cuckoo. And Cuckoo is still very much the “disruptor” in the broadband space. I’ve been following Cuckoo’s journey since 2018/2019 when the original … Read more

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