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Challenges for Altnets: Attaining Only Half of BT Openreach’s Penetration Rate – An EightAdvisory Analysis

EightAdvisory, an independent advisory firm specialising in transactions, restructuring, and transformation in the UK & Europe, has today published a compelling report (using some of Point Topic’s industry data) that sheds light on the challenges alternative network providers (altnets) encounter as they attempt to expand their market presence in comparison to Openreach. The report offers … Read more

Toob To Reduce Build Workforce. Job Losses In Sight.

Last night, ISPreview released an article regarding toob reducing its workforce as it transitions away from its current “build model”. Mark Jackson, the owner of ISPreview, wrote, “The latest operator to possibly be experiencing some of these headwinds appears to be toob. According to some of the feedback we’ve received from sources this week, toob … Read more

What Resellers Want From Wholesalers.

Yesterday, we released our latest episode of the Fibrenews Podcast, which featured Ian Dunstan, a reseller/MSP based in Exeter. Ian has been operating Cobalt (his business) for the last 20 years and has a full scope of customers (1–500 users) across multiple products (voice, connectivity, & IT). I (Jonny Rae) (about yay-high, brown hair, devilishly … Read more

Another ISP to Support buy Outs. Vodafone launches “The Great British Telecoms Switch”

Switching to Vodafone’s Full Fibre 900 broadband just got easy! They’re offering up to £100 to cover exit fees, making it much more attractive for customers to switch. Its clear that Vodafone is on a mission to bolster their FTTP offering, and this latest campaign could bring much bigger volumes. Vodafone, currently operating on both … Read more

new one touch switch launch date annouced.

We are excited to find out that the revised go-live date for the One Touch Switch platform is set for September 12, 2024. Extensive consultations with various communication providers and stakeholders across industry segments have led TOTSCO to this date, believing that it is achievable by all parties involved. Although we understand some CPs would … Read more

Rundle Assumes Leadership Role at Gigaclear

A leadership transition at Gigaclear will see Gareth Williams, currently CEO of the business organisation, replaced by Nathan Rundle starting in April. Back in 2018, Rundle began working for the altnet and, for the three years since, has been the COO. Prior to this, Nathan held high-up roles with BT/Openreach. His appointment represents the completion … Read more

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