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“Altnets” Explained. “Altnet” means “Alterntive Networks” and we have three types of altnets in the UK. Open Access, Closed Access & the hybrid – Open & Closed Access. Open Access Networks are full fibre providers who lay and manage the cable infrastructure and network, but do not connect customers direct to a internet service. The largest … Read more

What is the Full Fibre Roll Out?

The term “Full Fibre rollout” is widely used in the UK to refer to the efforts of various fibre providers upgrading from the older, slower copper networks to cutting-edge fibre optics. Supported by the UK government and initiatives like Project Gigabit, the goal is to expand Full Fibre coverage to 85% of the country by … Read more

What is The PSTN Switch Off? Now, this is a hot topic within the broadband and comms world at the moment and has been for the past three years plus. So first, let’s understand all the different phrases and buzz words used around this industry change. Below are the different phrases and the number of monthly searches each phrase gets … Read more

Whats the difference between fibre and full fibre?

In the UK, it’s not clear what the difference is between fibre and full fibre, and that’s not the consumers’ fault. When we first rolled out fibre in the UK, we should have been shouting from the hill tops that we’re rolling out “part fibre” or “fibre to the cabinet” or “nearly fibre”.That’s where the … Read more

Whats the difference between WiFi and Broadband? Understanding the Basics Understanding the basics of internet connectivity starts with differentiating between WiFi and broadband. Broadband is the term used to describe an internet connection provided to you by your ISP, which can be delivered through various means such as cable, DSL, fibre, satellite, or 4G/5G. Broadband is what gets you’re devices online! Now, … Read more

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