YouFibre Showcases “Home Working Hero” James Anderson: A Pioneer in Remote Software Development

YouFibre, a premier broadband provider, spotlights James Anderson, Director at Proserv, in its ongoing “Home Working Heroes” series. Celebrating the launch of the 8000 Mbps package, YouFibre delves into the success stories of entrepreneurs who have thrived in the realm of remote work. James, a self-taught software developer, shares insights into his journey of creating and managing a successful business from the comfort of his home.

James Anderson’s Professional Background

James, a proponent of lifelong learning, employs AI, Automation, and Analytics to empower businesses with cutting-edge technologies, optimizing efficiency while minimizing resources. His role involves identifying unique business challenges and crafting tailored solutions that drive tangible growth and sustainability.

Path to Success

James’ career trajectory shifted when he worked in an operational role for an Insurance Broker. Tasked with generating MI reports, he automated his entire role, showcasing the transformative power of software development. This led him to become an Operations Director in a start-up software company. After the company’s acquisition, James founded Proserv to apply his expertise across multiple businesses.

Benefits of Working from Home

For James, the ability to work remotely has been transformative. Eliminating the daily commute allows him to engage in deep work with minimal distractions. This flexibility enables him to choose optimal working hours and dedicate time to researching new technologies, continually expanding his offerings for clients.

Building Remote Relationships

Despite physical distance, James prioritizes communication with his business partner. Daily Google Meet sessions cover achievements, goals, and outstanding items. Throughout the day, Google Chat facilitates quick exchanges. Video conferencing adds a human touch, essential for fostering connections. Local proximity allows occasional in-person meetings over a beer to discuss business and life.

Advice for Remote Career Builders

James emphasizes discipline and time management for remote work. Creating a dedicated workspace, free from distractions, is crucial. He advocates for mental agility to remain focused and suggests companies offering remote positions provide training on this aspect.

Ideal Working from Home Setup

James, fortunate to have a home office, values a space free from distractions. Multiple screens, especially for coding, and an adjustable standing desk are essential elements of his ideal setup. These components contribute to a focused and productive remote work environment.

As YouFibre continues its commitment to ultrafast broadband and celebrates the launch of the 8000 Mbps package, the “Home Working Heroes” series exemplifies the impact of reliable connectivity on the success of individuals like James Anderson, a trailblazer in remote software development.

Jonny Rae

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