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13,000 Properties In Canterbury To Be Upgraded To Full Fibre Thanks To nexfibre!

Exciting news from Canterbury! nexfibre, has kicked off build activity to connect over 13,000 premises in Canterbury to its full-fibre network. This initiative is part of their partnership with build partner and anchor tenant, Virgin Media O2. The investment in Canterbury is a clear indicator of the progress nexfibre is making in deploying its next-gen … Read more

How GigaBritain® Is Making A Return Of The “Personal-Partner”  

Recently, the channel gossip has been turning its attention to GigaBritain (the new wholesale brand of the Telcom Group, recently announced as the UK’s fastest business internet provider.   So, being the ultra gossip I am, I put my investigative hat securely in place and started browsing online (LinkedIn) to see if I had any … Read more

TAL & Gigabit Networks Strike Deal To Support Growth For Both Companies!

Telecom Acquisitions has agreed on to acquire Gigabit Networks residential Cityfibre customers. TAL, the holding company for Home Telecom, Fleur Telecom, and Eclipse Broadband, announced that it has agreed to purchase the CityFibre residential customer base from Gigabit Networks Ltd. Gigabit has been doing very well in the wholesale space, operating a multi-network connectivity offering, servicing resellers … Read more

Netomnia and Brsk Announce Merger to Form UK’s Second Largest Alternative Network Provider

Netomnia and Brsk, two of the fastest-growing altnets, have just announced a merger to establish a capital-efficient retail, wholesale and consolidation platform. Huge news! And as you’ll read on, some huge statements are being made too… To start, both networks have had success from both a build perspective and a penetration perspective. As it stands, combined, the two … Read more

Nexfibre Brings Full-Fibre Broadband to Over 2,000 Premises in Loughborough

nexfibre, the mega “altnet”, has just announced that it’s connecting over 2,000 homes and businesses in Loughborough to its state-of-the-art full-fibre network. This move is a part of their broader plan to reach more than 22,000 premises across Leicestershire, in collaboration with their build partner and anchor tenant, Virgin Media O2. This investment in Loughborough … Read more

Zzoomm Hits 200,000 Properties Passed!

Zzoomm’s gigafast Full Fibre broadband network has passed 200,000 ready-for-service properties across 29 locations in its latest milestone. Three things we love about Zzoomm: To give a rough overview of where these guys have been building, here’s a snip from their coverage map… Now, here are some comments from Matthew Hare, Chief Executive: “We have … Read more

B4RN Continues Network Growth In Rural North

B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North) is continuing to extend its network in the North, focusing on more “hard-to-reach” locations and announcing further plans to expand across Northumberland and County Durham. The “Community Benefit Society” business has already connected 13,000 customers and passed over 25,000 properties. Although, compared to other “altnets,” the number of properties … Read more

TAL Acquires 2,800 Customers From Eze Talk. The acquisition mission Continues

The “acquisition mission” continues for Telecoms Acquisitions Limited (TAL) as they add an additional 2,800 customers to the group. If you’re not aware, TAL owns and operates multiple successful consumer broadband brands, including Home Telecom, Fleur, Eclipse, and more. They have a track record of providing sustainable growth while upholding a “top-tier” service for end … Read more

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