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Vorboss Push For Ofcom to Implement Automatic Compensation for Business Broadband Customers

Vorboss, the go-to provider of direct internet connectivity solutions for businesses across London, is urging Ofcom to implement an automatic compensation system tailored for business clients. Back in 2019, Ofcom rolled out automatic compensation measures for consumers, which not only boosted compensation payouts but also spurred quicker resolutions to connectivity issues. Vorboss contends that now … Read more

Industry call for tougher sentences following attacks on critical fibre infrastructure

Innovative fibre network providers – Ogi and Vorboss – are leading an industry call for tougher sentencing laws, following a spate of attacks on critical internet infrastructure across the UK. A series of severe, targeted attacks on full fibre networks – from rural Wales to the City of London – has cut off homes, businesses … Read more

CityFibre Reacts to Ofcom’s Approval of BT Openreach’s Equinox 2 Scheme

CityFibre Reacts to Ofcom’s Approval of BT Openreach’s Equinox 2 Scheme

CityFibre’s CEO, Greg Mesch, has expressed disappointment following Ofcom’s decision to approve BT Openreach’s Equinox 2 scheme. In response, Mesch has announced that CityFibre will be conducting a thorough review of Ofcom’s ruling. While expressing their dissatisfaction with the approval, CityFibre also acknowledged Ofcom’s role in bringing an end to the Equinox scheme. Openreach has … Read more

ITS Technology Group Announces 2023 Price Freezes and Reductions

ITS Technology Group (ITS), a prominent wholesale full fibre provider, has made a significant announcement regarding its pricing strategy for 2023. In a move to support its partners and navigate the challenges posed by economic factors such as inflation, interest rate rises, and supplier price increases, ITS has committed to not introducing price increases to … Read more

Ofcom’s Equinox 2 Consultation Extension Spurs Openreach’s Response

Ofcom’s Equinox 2 Consultation Extension Spurs Openreach’s Response

London, UK – In response to Ofcom’s announcement this morning regarding the extension of the Equinox 2 consultation, Openreach has issued a statement emphasizing the importance of a thorough and equitable examination of the feedback received. While Openreach maintains its position that its offer is not anti-competitive, it acknowledges the need for Ofcom to comprehensively … Read more

Ofcom Takes Aim at Confusing Jargon in UK Fibre Sector, Says FullFibre

The UK’s telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has taken a significant step towards addressing the issue of confusing jargon prevalent in the fibre sector. While the implementation is expected no earlier than autumn, Ofcom has acknowledged the critical need for clarity regarding what constitutes fibre and full fibre. Given the coexistence of legacy networks with full fibre, … Read more

Quickline Stands Firm on Price Freeze Amidst Ofcom Review of Industry Price Hikes

Ofcom, the UK’s telecommunications regulator, has initiated a review to investigate inflation-linked, mid-contract price increases that many service providers impose on their customers. This move comes in response to concerns regarding the uncertainty customers face regarding future price hikes stipulated in contracts based on inflation rates. Quickline, a leading broadband provider, is proud to reaffirm … Read more

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