B4RN Continues Network Growth In Rural North

B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North) is continuing to extend its network in the North, focusing on more “hard-to-reach” locations and announcing further plans to expand across Northumberland and County Durham. The “Community Benefit Society” business has already connected 13,000 customers and passed over 25,000 properties. Although, compared to other “altnets,” the number of properties … Read more

Kloud9 Continues To Bring Full Fibre To the “Forgotten Lands”

Kloud9 announces another plan to connect up to 400 properties to ultrafast full fibre, in collaboration with BDUK, in a rural Shropshire village. Although the numbers seem small, Kloud9 is excelling in the rural space and collectively making significant strides in connecting the “forgotten” rural spots in the north. We wrote about Kloud9 for the … Read more

Nexfibre To Bring full-fibre broadband to over 30,000 premises in Sedgefield in 2024

nexfibre, the giant open access (network only, with ISP’s providing internet on top) “altnet” (altnertive network to Openreach), has just unveiled its latest plans to connect over 30,000 premises in Sedgefield to their ultra fast FTTP network. This strategic investment forms part of nexfibre’s plan to extend its reach to over 40,000 premises throughout Durham … Read more

Freedom Fibre, Keeping It Clean -Altnet Provides North Shropshire Communities with Litter Picking Kits

Freedom Fibre has taken a proactive step to keep Shropshire clean by distributing litter pick kits across North Shropshire. Freedom Fibre, the rapidly growing altnet, is currently in the process of rolling out its lightning-fast full-fibre broadband network to residences and businesses throughout North Shropshire. The network is pretty well known for community projects. Their … Read more

Irlam Welcomes Vibrant Art Installations on Freedom Fibre’s Active Cabinets

In a heartwarming display of community collaboration, Freedom Fibre has adorned its active cabinets in Irlam with captivating artwork, turning them into visual landmarks that the community can enjoy! Springwood Primary School, renowned for its inclusive education approach, played a pivotal role in this initiative. The school’s students, along with dedicated teachers, joined hands with … Read more

Freedom Fibre Creates Freedom Fund. A £25K Pot For Communities In North Shropshire

Freedom Fibre is making waves again, this time with the launch of the Freedom Fund, a community initiative aimed at supporting good and green projects throughout North Shropshire. With a hefty £25,000 set aside, this fund is slated to inject much-needed resources into local initiatives. Opening its doors for applications on Friday, 05 April 2024, … Read more

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