YouFibre Pledges Price Freeze Throughout All Contracts, Bucking Broadband Industry Trend

In an era when broadband providers have been frequently hitting their customers with price hikes, YouFibre stands out as the exception, committing to a steadfast promise of no in-contract price increases. The company firmly believes in providing transparent and consumer-friendly broadband services in an age when escalating costs have become all too common.

As the Trustpilot scores of various broadband providers fluctuate due to in-contract price hikes, YouFibre remains unwavering in its commitment to its customers. The company aligns itself with consumer champions, Which?, who have been vocal critics of the price hikes imposed by major broadband providers like Virgin Media, which recently raised its prices by 13.8%. While YouFibre enjoys indulging in cake, it firmly believes that fairness should prevail when it comes to pricing.

YouFibre’s promise is straightforward: no price increases during the contract period. The company adheres to the terms, price, and contract length that were initially agreed upon when the customer signed up for their services. This commitment is driven by the company’s belief in honest and transparent broadband provision, ensuring that its customers can rest easy knowing that no unexpected financial surprises await them during the duration of their contract.

In a world where crucial information is often hidden in the fine print, YouFibre emphasizes that nothing should be “unexpected” when it comes to their services. The company’s dedication to transparency sets it apart from its competitors.

For consumers who have been caught off guard by price hikes from other broadband providers such as BT, Vodafone, Plusnet, EE, and more, USwitch offers a valuable guide on what actions can be taken to address these increases, some of which exceeded 14% in 2023.

YouFibre’s price promise extends to all its customers, regardless of whether they are new subscribers or have been loyal patrons of the company’s ultrafast broadband services for years. This unwavering commitment is not bound by time constraints; YouFibre ensures that the agreed-upon monthly cost will remain consistent throughout the duration of all new and existing contracts. Even if contracts extend well beyond 2023, customers can rest assured that their financial agreements will remain unchanged until the time for renewal arrives.

Jonny Rae

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