Quickline CEO Highlights Rural Broadband as a Lifeline for Communities

Quickline’s CEO, Sean Royce, has emphasized the critical role of reliable high-speed broadband in sustaining rural communities and preventing them from economic decline. Speaking at an event in Northern Lincolnshire as part of the Great Big Small Business Festival, Royce highlighted that nearly half of the UK lacks access to fibre broadband, leaving rural areas digitally disadvantaged compared to urban centers. He argued that without access to high-speed broadband, rural communities face losing essential services like banks, Post Offices, libraries, and local shops, driving residents to travel miles for basic services.

Royce outlined Quickline’s mission to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas by delivering gigabit-capable broadband to underserved regions. The company is deploying a hybrid network of full fibre and 5G fixed wireless broadband in remote locations across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Royce emphasized the economic importance of broadband connectivity for rural businesses, stating that better broadband opens up markets and drives economic growth.

Highlighting the divide between urban and rural areas, Royce noted that Quickline is investing millions in building a new network and improving infrastructure in areas underserved by other providers. He discussed his own experience in the technology and telecoms sectors and pointed out the substantial economic benefits of full fibre broadband. According to recent research, providing excellent digital connectivity in rural areas could contribute £65 billion to the UK economy and create over a quarter of a million jobs.

Royce’s remarks underscored the significance of rural broadband not only for communities but also for businesses and the broader economy. Access to high-speed broadband is now considered essential for various aspects of life, and its absence can limit opportunities and hinder economic development.

Jonny Rae

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