Vorboss – Laying Fibre, the Right Way

Vorboss, the “altnet” supplying chunky, affordable ethernet to London businesses, has again received recognition from the City of London Corporation as part of the Considerate Contractor Scheme for delivering “exemplary” work.

In a nutshell, they’re smashing it when it comes to laying fibre in central London, which, for any engineer or network supplier, knows this is no easy task (to say the least).

For those who don’t know, Vorboss has been laying fibre in central London for the past few years, and they’re doing an amazing job.

Snip: Map (taken from the Vorboss website): Showing just how much of central London Vorboss covers

And guess what, if you’re an MSP or reseller, you, too, can gain access to resell their connectivity to your and customers! 

Here’s the crack:

Vorboss uses its own engineers. For any reseller who’s sold ethernet in London, you know the pain of attempting to communicate with national carriers when you hit the inevitable street work delay.

Reseller: “Hi, just wondering if there’s an update. It’s been three weeks. We’ve had nothing. Our customer is currently running on FTTC. We need to get this installed ASAP.”

Carrier: “Ah, bear with me” (six minutes later) “It seems the engineers hit a blocked duct.” “It also seems he’s finished work for the day.”

Reseller: “It’s half twelve?”

Carrier: “Next update will be in 2027.”

Now, imagine you’ve checked a postcode with Vorboss and they come up “on-net”…

Reseller: “Hi, I placed an order yesterday for a 10GB circuit. Just wondering if there are any updates.”

Vorboss: “Hold my coffee.”

Reseller: “Did you say it will be installed this month!?”

Vorboss: “Of course”

For resellers and MSPs, it’s what dreams are made of.

Not only that, Vorboss doesn’t mess around with their bearers. They know the UK is moving into a far more bandwidth-heavy world, where, in a commercial setting, 1GB just doesn’t cut it. Their infrastructure is 100GB ready. Meaning, if you’ve installed a 10GB pipe to your customer and twelve months down the line they want to upgrade to 25GB, 50GB, or even 100GB, it’s a silky, easy, smooth process to get them upgraded!

Now, back to where we started in this article. (and turning the tune into a more formal, informative narrative): Not only have Vorboss been laying fibre all around central London, they’ve done it at a top tier standard. So much so, that they’ve been recognized by the City of London Corporation for Excellence in Streetworks.

The accolade highlights Vorboss’ commitment to maintaining the highest standards across the City, and their ongoing positive contribution to the City’s infrastructure. The Streetworks Scheme challenges engineering teams to exceed legal requirements when carrying out work on City streets and pavements, ensuring enhanced safety and improved conditions for everyone living, working, or traveling through London’s Square Mile.

Companies are marked on criteria including planning and coordination, accountability and response time, and investment in the City business plan.

Vorboss Chief Operating Officer, Rhod Morgan, attributes this achievement to the company’s strategic investment in its workforce: “The quality of our work is a direct result of our commitment to employing and training talented and diverse in-house teams – and recognizing the importance of delivering for London’s businesses.” said Rhod. “Our dedicated training academy equips our teams with the skills and knowledge to ensure that all work is undertaken to the highest standard.”

Deputy Shravan Joshi, Chairman of the City of London Corporation Planning and Transportation Committee, praised Vorboss for setting a benchmark in quality and reliability: “Locally based Vorboss has consistently demonstrated leadership in delivering exemplary work within the City. Their dedication to using a highly trained in-house workforce ensures outstanding quality, and we are pleased to be able to recognize Vorboss once again for their outstanding contribution.”

Jonny Rae

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