Vorboss Anniversary Spotlight: Matt’s Perspective

As Vorboss commemorates its anniversary, the spotlight turns to one of its team members, Matt, who offers a unique perspective on the company’s journey: “It’s not so much how big we’ve become as a business; it’s more our reputation. If we’re the go-to, obvious choice for businesses when they need a new Internet Service Provider, that will signify that we’ve made it.”

Throughout this year, Vorboss has celebrated numerous remarkable achievements that have solidified its position in the industry. These accomplishments include a substantial expansion of their fibre network throughout Central London, the introduction of several innovative products, and the prestigious recognition of being named one of the “Best Places to Work” by The Sunday Times. Additionally, the cornerstone of their success remains the invaluable connections they’ve established with their loyal customers.

In their ongoing anniversary series, Vorboss shines a light on the dedicated team members who have been instrumental in the company’s success. Vorboss emphasizes the importance of every individual who directly interacts with their customers, acknowledging them as the foundation of their business and expressing heartfelt gratitude for their contributions.

Jonny Rae

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