Quickline Launches ‘Free Until You’re Free’ Broadband Offer to Rescue Customers from Poor Services

Yorkshire, UK – Quickline, the broadband provider specializing in delivering full fibre and fixed wireless broadband to rural communities in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative to assist customers trapped in subpar contracts with other providers.

In a bid to eliminate the hassles of exit fees that many broadband customers face when terminating their contracts prematurely, Quickline has unveiled its “free until you’re free” broadband offer. This innovative initiative, the first of its kind in the industry, allows customers to join Quickline and enjoy their services without incurring any charges until their existing contract expires.

Quickline’s commitment to bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is highlighted by this initiative. The company’s CEO, Sean Royce, emphasized the significance of this move, saying, “We don’t believe any customer should suffer with a poor broadband service. Broadband is so important to daily life, from work to socialising, and choosing to live in a rural area shouldn’t be at the expense of having great internet access.”

The “free until you’re free” offer is specifically designed to aid customers who are dissatisfied with their current broadband provider but are bound by a contract. Under this scheme, customers can subscribe to a 24-month package with Quickline and immediately transition to Quickline’s broadband service. However, crucially, they won’t be billed by Quickline until their existing contract concludes. This initiative represents one of several ways in which Quickline is dedicated to enhancing the broadband experience for households and businesses in rural communities.

Quickline also offers a separate option for new customers, allowing them to join the service for an initial 90-day period at no cost, without hidden fees or contract obligations. At the end of this trial period, customers can choose to continue with Quickline’s services or opt-out with no charges or penalties.

Research commissioned by Virgin Media and economic consultancy Cebr has underscored the importance of providing quality broadband to rural areas. The study revealed that ensuring “excellent digital connectivity” in all rural regions could contribute £65.1 billion to the UK economy and generate over a quarter of a million jobs.

Quickline’s network, which encompasses North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, and Lincolnshire, is exclusively focused on improving connectivity in rural areas, recognizing the vital role broadband plays in modern life.

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