UK Broadband Shatters Records: 9% Surge in Data Usage Unveiled by Openreach

Openreach, the backbone of the UK’s broadband infrastructure, reveals unprecedented data surge, with an astounding 9% increase in broadband usage in 2023.

In a comprehensive annual update, Openreach, the key player in building and maintaining the UK’s fibre network, discloses a remarkable surge in broadband usage throughout 2023. The data, capturing the activities of customers from major broadband providers such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Zen, showcases a 9% rise, reaching a staggering 94,722 Petabytes.

Examining the data reveals that usage peaks are notably linked to specific online events, including Amazon Prime’s Premier League coverage and the release of popular gaming titles like Call of Duty. December emerged as the busiest month, with Boxing Day marking the pinnacle of broadband activity in 2023.

As Openreach’s full fibre broadband network extends its coverage to over 12.5 million premises, further spikes in data consumption are anticipated. The full fibre technology facilitates seamless use of multiple devices simultaneously, enabling 4k and 8k streaming without buffering or performance issues.

Trevor Linney, Director of Network Technology at Openreach, anticipates future increases in demand and highlights the crucial role the network played in keeping the UK connected throughout 2023. Linney notes a recurring pattern in the annual reports, with live sports and gaming driving substantial leaps in data usage.

Linney states, “Our insights are among the best and most comprehensive available. The Openreach network, being the largest in the UK, carries broadband traffic for numerous companies, providing us with a complete picture.”

Key findings from the 2023 broadband usage report include:

The busiest day across the Openreach network was Boxing Day, December 26th, with 342 PB of data consumed.
Wednesday, December 27th, marked the second busiest day, with over 330 PB of data consumed.
Other notable busy days include Thursday, December 28th, November 19th, and November 12th.
The busiest months were December (8,944 PB), November (8,289 PB), and October (8,251 PB).
Sundays consistently rank as the busiest day of the week.
Peak usage typically occurs between 8pm and 9pm, extending from 7pm to 10pm.
The busiest hour ever recorded was between 8pm and 9pm on Wednesday, November 6th, coinciding with Amazon Prime’s screening of 6 Premier League matches.
The festive period’s busiest hour was between 9pm and 10pm on Thursday, December 28th, with 27.1 PB of data consumed.
Online gaming remains a significant contributor to broadband consumption, aligning with busy days coinciding with popular game releases like Call of Duty.
Openreach’s network resilience and the commitment of its expert team ensure that the UK’s broadband infrastructure stands up to the challenges posed by the ever-growing demand for data

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