Quickline Extends Full Fibre Broadband to Thorpe Willoughby and Keelby, Enhancing Connectivity for Thousands

Quickline Communications expands its gigabit-capable full fibre network, bringing high-speed broadband to over 3,500 homes and businesses in Thorpe Willoughby and Keelby.

In a significant development, Quickline Communications has successfully completed the network build in Thorpe Willoughby, North Yorkshire, and Keelby, Lincolnshire, making its gigabit-capable full fibre broadband accessible to an additional 3,500 homes and businesses.

Julian Chalk, Head of Enablement and Engagement at Quickline, emphasized the transformative impact of full fibre broadband on rural communities that have long struggled with sluggish and inconsistent internet services. Chalk stated, “People living and working in Thorpe Willoughby and in Keelby can enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection with our full fibre broadband. It really is a game changer for rural communities that have had to put up with slow and inconsistent broadband for too long.”

The completion of the network build in Thorpe Willoughby and Keelby aligns with Quickline’s commitment to providing robust connectivity to underserved rural areas. The gigabit-capable full fibre network ensures that residents and businesses in these locations can now access a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Chalk further emphasized Quickline’s mission to bridge the digital divide and ensure that every individual, regardless of their location, has access to quality connectivity. He added, “At Quickline, we believe everyone should have access to good connectivity, wherever they choose to live, and we are on a mission to provide that to rural communities that have been left behind by other providers.”

This expansion reinforces Quickline’s dedication to enhancing the digital infrastructure in rural areas, enabling residents and businesses to benefit from the advantages of fast and reliable broadband. The completion of the network build marks a significant step toward creating more inclusive and connected communities in Thorpe Willoughby and Keelby.

Emily Turner

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