Rural Essex Villages Unite for Ultrafast Connectivity: Openreach Calls for Action

In a rallying call to embrace cutting-edge connectivity, Openreach is urging residents of Canewdon, Henham, and Ridgewell in rural Essex to seize a transformative opportunity. The telecommunications giant emphasizes that these communities stand at the threshold of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring ultrafast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband to their homes and businesses.

While over 320,000 homes and businesses across Essex already revel in the benefits of Full Fibre broadband, Openreach is underscoring the need for these three villages to act swiftly. The catalyst for this urgency is the availability of free Government broadband vouchers, a resource that could significantly enhance speeds and reliability for local residents.

Openreach, cognizant of the transformative potential of Full Fibre, has identified Canewdon, Henham, and Ridgewell as ripe for inclusion in its expansive Full Fibre network. Leveraging the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and deploying advanced broadband signal boosting technology, Openreach aims to extend the reach of this ultrafast technology to even the most remote rural communities.

Residents of these villages can determine their eligibility and contribute to this digital revolution by pledging their vouchers on the Connect My Community website. These government-sponsored vouchers, requiring no financial commitment from residents, become a collaborative tool. When combined, they facilitate the construction of a tailored, co-funded network, allowing Openreach to cover outlying rural areas beyond the scope of private investment.

Kieran Wines, Openreach Partnership Director, expressed enthusiasm about the prospect, stating, “This is a really exciting opportunity for the people in these Essex communities to bring all the benefits of ultrafast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband to their area.” Wines emphasized the need for collective effort, aligning with Openreach’s Fibre Community Partnership programme, to extend Full Fibre to harder-to-reach locations.

Openreach, in the midst of a £15 billion investment to bring Full Fibre broadband to 25 million homes, acknowledges the significance of government support. The Fibre Community Partnership, backed by the Government’s voucher scheme, becomes a vital catalyst in the journey towards comprehensive digital inclusion. Openreach invites residents to not only pledge their vouchers but also validate them promptly, marking the crucial step toward commencing the building process.

In adherence to funding conditions, residents commit to subscribing to a Full Fibre service for at least 12 months from a provider of their choice once the new network is operational. This collective effort not only ensures the success of the initiative but also positions Canewdon, Henham, and Ridgewell among the best-connected locales in the UK, marking a significant leap toward a digitally empowered future.

Jonny Rae

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