Vorboss Marks Anniversary with Vision for Future-Ready Infrastructure in London

As Vorboss commemorates another year of service, it not only reflects on its past achievements but also envisions a future empowered by a robust and forward-looking internet infrastructure. The narrative of Vorboss revolves around the theme of “upgrade,” positioning itself as a pivotal enhancement to London’s existing internet landscape.

A Culture of Upgrade:

From its inception, Vorboss has been dedicated to providing a future-ready network for London, eliminating the need for frequent and costly retrofits. By exceeding peak capacity expectations from the outset, Vorboss has established a network that evolves seamlessly with London’s dynamic data demands.

Challenges of Under-Provisioning:

The UK has traditionally adopted an ‘just enough’ approach across various sectors, resulting in infrastructure challenges during peak usage. The National Infrastructure Commission’s recent review underscores the need for modernization in energy, transport, and water networks. Vorboss advocates for a paradigm shift, emphasizing that large-scale retrofits are avoidable if infrastructure projects are executed correctly from the start.

Learning from History:

Drawing parallels with iconic structures like the Thames Barrier and tech giant Amazon’s infrastructure overhaul, Vorboss underscores the value of foresight and getting it right initially. The Thames Barrier, designed in the 70s, continues to protect London without major works, showcasing the dividends of thoughtful planning. Similarly, Amazon’s strategic move in 2002 laid the foundation for cloud computing, yielding substantial returns over the years.

London’s Subterranean Dilemma:

While London stands tall as a global city above ground, its subterranean infrastructure ranks 60th globally for broadband speeds. Vorboss acknowledges the city’s need for reliable capacity, especially with the emergence of new technologies. The business-only fibre infrastructure crafted by Vorboss promises a network that stays ahead of the perpetual upgrade cycle, eliminating the need for frequent patches or retrofits.

Future-Ready Network:

Vorboss challenges the notion of excessive bandwidth by anticipating the evolving needs of London’s businesses. With the exponential growth in peak traffic and internet bandwidth between 2019 and 2023, Vorboss remains ahead of the curve, offering a minimum of 10Gbps internet and paving the way for quantum computing and artificial intelligence applications.

End of Bandwidth Limitations:

London’s businesses, accustomed to bandwidth limitations, are urged to break free from the waiting game for the next upgrade. Vorboss asserts that limitless bandwidth is available now, heralding the end of unnecessary upgrades for businesses across the capital.

As Vorboss looks back at its journey, it not only celebrates its achievements but also positions itself as a transformative force, steering London towards a future where internet infrastructure aligns seamlessly with technological advancements.

Jonny Rae

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