Quickline CEO Engages in Broadband Dialogue with Zen Internet Leader

Quickline’s CEO, Sean Royce, recently engaged in a candid conversation with Richard Tang, the CEO of Zen Internet, a Rochdale-based broadband provider. The dialogue delved into various aspects of Quickline’s operations, plans, and the dedicated focus on establishing robust networks for homes and businesses in deeply rural communities.

During the insightful conversation, Sean and Richard explored critical topics, ranging from the allocation of public funds to extend broadband access to hard-to-reach locations to acknowledging the pivotal role of engineers in this endeavor.

Sean Royce conveyed to Richard Tang, “We don’t just sell broadband. We don’t just build networks. We transform peoples’ lives in these areas.”

The discussion between the two broadband industry leaders provided a comprehensive view of the challenges and strategies associated with providing reliable connectivity to remote and underserved areas. The conversation touched upon the broader societal impact of broadband accessibility, emphasizing Quickline’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals residing in deeply rural communities.

As leaders in the broadband sector, the dialogue between Quickline and Zen Internet executives offers valuable insights into the industry’s dynamics, challenges, and the shared commitment to bridging the digital divide. The exchange of ideas underscores the collaborative spirit necessary to address the unique demands of rural broadband connectivity and highlights the transformative potential of such initiatives.

Jonny Rae

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