Weeton’s Bid for Ultrafast Broadband Gains Momentum: Openreach Calls for Community Support

Weeton stands at the threshold of a transformative digital era, with Openreach rallying the community to seize an opportunity for ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband. This appeal comes as Weeton is halfway to unlocking a once-in-a-lifetime upgrade, contingent upon securing free Government broadband vouchers. However, the community remains approximately 40 vouchers short, putting the initiative in jeopardy.

Openreach emphasizes the urgency for residents and businesses in Weeton to apply for these vouchers, as they represent a crucial lifeline to faster speeds and enhanced reliability. A successful application would ensure Weeton’s inclusion among the 30,000-plus homes and businesses across the Fylde area already benefiting from full fibre broadband.

The initiative is fueled by the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, complemented by cutting-edge broadband signal boosting technology. This dynamic duo not only extends the reach of the full fibre network but also brings thousands of remote rural communities, including Weeton, within grasp of ultrafast technology.

Weeton, earmarked by Openreach for Full Fibre potential, now awaits the proactive participation of its residents. The call is to apply for and pool Government Gigabit Vouchers, an initiative that doesn’t entail any cost for residents. By leveraging these vouchers, Openreach collaborates with the community to construct a bespoke, co-funded network. This cooperative effort becomes crucial for extending the ultrafast, ultra-reliable network to outlying rural areas not covered by private investment.

Paul Harland, Openreach’s regional engagement manager, underscores the significance of this opportunity for Weeton. With around 40 more pledges needed, Harland expresses excitement about the potential of making Weeton one of the best-connected places in the UK through the Fibre Community Partnership program.

Openreach’s substantial investment of £15 billion aims to deliver full fibre broadband to 25 million homes, over six million of which fall in the most challenging regions of the UK. Harland emphasizes the collaborative nature of this endeavor, recognizing that upgrading the entire country requires the active involvement of residents, neighbors, and Openreach.

Upon reaching the target for pledges, residents must validate their vouchers with the Government, enabling Openreach to initiate the building process. As part of the funding conditions, residents commit to ordering a full fibre service for at least 12 months from a provider of their choice once the new network is available, solidifying their connection to the digital future.

Jonny Rae

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