Closing the Rural Broadband Gap: Quickline Introduces Unique “Free Until You’re Free” Offer

In an industry-first move, Quickline is championing the cause of rural broadband users by introducing a groundbreaking “free until you’re free” broadband offer. Many customers in rural areas have been trapped in lengthy contracts with subpar service, and Quickline is stepping in to change that narrative.

The company, which provides full-fibre and fixed wireless broadband to underserved rural communities in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, has unveiled an initiative aimed at addressing the digital divide between urban and remote regions.

Sean Royce, the CEO of Quickline, stated, “We believe that no customer should endure substandard broadband service. Broadband is an essential part of daily life, whether for work or socializing, and choosing to live in a rural area should not come at the cost of great internet access.”

Quickline’s “free until you’re free” offer allows customers locked into existing broadband contracts to sign up for a 24-month package with Quickline. They will immediately switch over to Quickline’s broadband service but will not be charged until their current contract expires.

For those who prefer a shorter commitment, Quickline offers a unique 90-day free trial with no hidden costs and no strings attached. Customers can choose to continue with Quickline’s service after the trial period if they are satisfied or exit with no charges or penalties if they are not.

This move by Quickline is in line with the importance of connecting rural areas to quality broadband, as emphasized in research commissioned by Virgin Media and economic consultancy Cebr. The research highlights that providing “excellent digital connectivity” to all rural areas could contribute £65.1 billion to the UK economy and generate over a quarter of a million jobs.

Quickline’s new initiative represents a significant step towards ensuring that rural customers have access to high-quality broadband services, transforming the broadband experience for households and businesses in these underserved communities.

Jonny Rae

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