Quickline Connects Three Additional Rural Lincolnshire Villages with Full Fibre Broadband

In a significant stride towards bridging the digital divide, Quickline Communications has successfully completed the network build to bring full fibre broadband to three more rural Lincolnshire villages – Burton, Navenby, and Metheringham.

The completion of the network build marks a pivotal moment for these communities, encompassing over 2,000 homes and businesses in Burton, situated north of Lincoln, and Navenby and Metheringham, strategically positioned between Lincoln to the north and Sleaford to the south. Quickline’s gigabit-capable full fibre broadband is now illuminating premises across these three villages, offering fast and reliable connectivity directly into homes and businesses.

Julian Chalk, Head of Enablement and Engagement at Quickline, expressed the company’s commitment to addressing the connectivity needs of rural communities. He stated, “These are another three Lincolnshire communities that have been crying out for a decent internet connection, and now they have exactly what they need to live the digital life they deserve with our full fibre broadband. At Quickline, we are on a mission to provide connectivity to rural communities across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire that have until now been left behind by other providers.”

Quickline’s initiative aligns with the broader goal of enhancing digital inclusion in rural areas, ensuring that residents and businesses have access to the same high-quality broadband services as their urban counterparts. The completion of the network build in Burton, Navenby, and Metheringham reflects Quickline’s dedication to expanding its full fibre network and addressing the connectivity gaps in underserved regions.

As Quickline continues its mission to connect rural communities, these three villages stand as testament to the positive impact that reliable and high-speed broadband can have on the daily lives of residents and the economic prospects of local businesses. The expansion of full fibre infrastructure in these areas contributes to creating a more inclusive and digitally empowered society.

Emily Turner

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