Openreach Initiates Full Fibre Rollout, Elevating Dover’s Broadband Connectivity

Openreach, a leading UK digital infrastructure provider, has embarked on an ambitious project to introduce an ultrafast broadband network in Dover, heralding a transformative era for the local community. This significant Full Fibre broadband upgrade promises to provide residents and businesses in Dover access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband services available in Europe.

The comprehensive broadband overhaul, a once-in-a-generation initiative, enables thousands of local individuals and businesses to connect numerous devices at gigabit-capable speeds. This development positions Dover’s businesses to thrive in online trading, fostering competitiveness for years to come.

The engineering teams have already commenced work on the new network, with the build slated to encompass the majority of local homes and businesses over the next 12-24 months. Notably, nearly 30% of homes and businesses in the Dover exchange area can already order a Full Fibre service through a provider of their choice on the Openreach network.

Full Fibre broadband, known for its enhanced reliability, resilience, and future-proof connectivity, ensures fewer faults, consistent speeds, and ample capacity to accommodate growing data demands. Residents stand to benefit from seamless streaming, smooth online gaming experiences, and robust support for day-to-day business activities, including video calls, banking, and online customer interactions.

Local residents eager to stay updated on the progress of the Full Fibre rollout can register for updates at and check their addresses as the build advances.

Kieran Wines, Regional Partnership Director for Openreach, expressed the company’s commitment to keeping the local community informed about the infrastructure upgrade. He emphasized the magnitude of the infrastructure improvement, with increased engineering teams, equipment, and vehicles in the area. Efforts are being made to minimize disruption, utilizing existing ducts and poles whenever possible to avoid roadworks and new street furniture.

Wines highlighted the balanced approach in Openreach’s southeast build, covering over 200 rural towns and villages. The aim is to ensure even progress, enabling seamless online experiences for people across the region and fostering community opportunities. Wines affirmed that connecting everyone in the region to the fastest and most reliable broadband would result in a substantial multi-billion pound economic boost.

Openreach’s ongoing Full Fibre network expansion in the southeast has already reached more than one million properties, with plans to extend the technology to 25 million homes and businesses by the end of 2026. This strategic initiative aligns with Openreach’s vision to deliver enhanced connectivity and economic benefits to communities across the UK.

Emily Turner

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