5,000 Suffolk Homes to Experience Broadband Boost with Openreach’s Landmark Deal

In a significant development for Suffolk, Openreach is gearing up to provide ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to more communities in the region. The groundwork for this expansion has already begun with Openreach engineers preparing to construct a new fibre connection in and around Leiston, East Suffolk.

This ambitious engineering endeavor involves laying fibre cables extending over 30 kilometers from local exchanges to the target areas. Leiston and its nearby villages are slated to receive the benefits of this project in 2024. What makes this extensive engineering build possible is Openreach’s agreement to provide connectivity to Sizewell C, a nuclear power station planned for a site adjacent to EDF’s Sizewell B facility.

Openreach’s commitment to Suffolk is evident in the £34 million investment made in the region, which has already connected 115,000 homes and businesses to faster and more reliable broadband through full fibre.

Tom Read, a member of Openreach’s Chief Engineer team, emphasized the dedication and effort required for this project. It involves a team of engineers tasked with installing new infrastructure, removing existing blockages, and addressing challenging sections along the route. Many of the roads involved are single-track routes crucial for local traffic, so extreme care is necessary during the construction process. The entire project is expected to take up to 12 months to complete.

To celebrate this partnership, representatives from Sizewell C and Suffolk County Council visited Openreach’s advanced Four Acre site, situated near Adastral Park. This facility serves as a testing ground for current and future technologies, allowing the development of innovative engineering techniques. Openreach has even established a drone training school here, as drones play an increasingly vital role in laying fibre cables across rivers and challenging terrains.

During the visit, the guests had the opportunity to witness the rigorous testing of new cables, observe various equipment used to make full fibre accessible, and explore the latest technology that is already delivering ultrafast speeds in different parts of the UK.

A spokesperson from Sizewell C expressed delight in how this project would enhance services for local communities, including improved transport networks, increased green spaces, and faster broadband for thousands of homes.

Openreach continues to extend its full fibre infrastructure, already reaching 11 million premises. This progress brings the company closer to achieving its ambitious target of covering 25 million premises by the end of 2026. Collaborations with large-scale commercial projects, such as the Sizewell initiative, showcase Openreach’s dedication to providing a comprehensive fibre network in the Suffolk region.

Jonny Rae

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