Openreach Initiates Ultrafast Broadband Network for Grimsby and Healing

Openreach, a prominent broadband infrastructure provider, has commenced work on building an ultrafast broadband network for Grimsby and Healing. This development aims to provide residents and businesses in the area with access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband services in Europe.

The Full Fibre broadband upgrade, described as a once-in-a-generation opportunity, will enable thousands of local residents and businesses to connect multiple devices at gigabit-capable speeds. This advancement is expected to empower businesses to engage in online trade and remain competitive for years to come.

Presently, more than 7,500 homes and businesses can already access this new technology, and the expansion is projected to reach the majority of premises within the next 12 to 18 months. Full Fibre broadband is renowned for delivering a more dependable, resilient, and future-proof connectivity experience, marked by fewer faults, consistent speeds, and ample capacity to meet increasing data demands.

Residents will benefit from seamless streaming, smooth online gaming experiences, and a wide array of online services and entertainment. Businesses, in particular, will have the confidence that their broadband can support essential day-to-day tasks, including video calls, banking, and customer interactions via social media platforms.

Local residents are encouraged to visit to stay updated on the progress of the build and to check for the availability of services from their chosen provider as the project unfolds.

Matthew Lovegrove, Openreach Partnership Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber, highlighted the significance of this initiative, emphasizing the infrastructure upgrade’s nature. Lovegrove stated, “This is a major infrastructure upgrade, so there will be more engineering teams, equipment, and vans around town, and we’re working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.”

He further explained, “Wherever possible, we’ll use our existing network of ducts and poles to avoid roadworks, new street furniture, and disturbance. But there may be places where we need to install new poles, underground ducts, and fibre cables because it’s the only way to make sure households get included in the upgrade.”

Lovegrove concluded by underlining Openreach’s commitment to balanced expansion, ensuring that both rural and urban areas receive the benefits. He stated, “This is part of our balanced build across Northern Lincs which includes rural towns and villages as well as urban areas. We want to make sure that progress is evenly spread and that people in all parts of the area can be online effortlessly and build opportunities in their community. Connecting everyone in [region] to our fastest and most reliable broadband would result in a multi-billion pound economic boost.”

Openreach’s new ultrafast Full Fibre network in Northern Lincs currently extends to approximately 37,000 properties. The company’s ambitious plan aims to bring this technology to 25 million homes and businesses across the UK by the end of 2026. Notably, residents in Scunthorpe and Winterton already have access to this advanced service, and future investment is anticipated in additional localities such as Barrow on Humber, Crowle, Haxey, Killingholme, Kirton Lindsey, and Wooton.

Jonny Rae

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