Openreach Infuses Middlesbrough with £5.5 Million Full Fibre Boost

Over 18,500 Homes and Businesses Set to Benefit in Tees Valley

Middlesbrough is on the cusp of a digital revolution as Openreach commits £5.5 million to bring full fibre access to more than 18,500 homes and businesses in the town. This development places Middlesbrough in alignment with Openreach’s expansive commercial build plans, including over fifteen other towns and villages in the Tees Valley.

Today’s announcement coincides with Openreach reaching a pivotal moment in its nationwide plan, achieving the halfway point in its mission to provide full fibre broadband to 25 million premises by the end of 2026. The company has identified 142 locations, including Middlesbrough, where it aims to deliver full fibre to approximately 1.4 million homes and businesses, spanning even the most remote and challenging communities.

Openreach is at the forefront of full fibre deployment in the UK, surpassing other providers by reaching approximately 60,000 new premises every week. This equates to passing another home or business with ultrafast, gigabit-capable broadband every ten seconds. The company’s commitment extends beyond its initial target, with plans to connect up to 30 million premises with Full Fibre by the end of 2030.

Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, expressed pride in the success of the national infrastructure project, emphasizing the company’s ability to deliver on a grand scale within budget and on time. He credited the supportive policy environment, which fostered substantial investment and competition in the UK’s telecoms sector.

As Openreach meets the demands of modern life, over four million homes and businesses have already connected to the new full fibre network. Demand continues to soar, with Openreach adding more than 30,000 new orders every week. The network handles a staggering 1.8 million Terabytes of data each week, underscoring the increasing reliance on high-speed internet services.

The Full Fibre initiative by Openreach is not just about connectivity; it is powering up public services and educational facilities. Over 13,400 medical facilities, including hospitals and pharmacies, and 8,300 care and nursing homes, now have access to Full Fibre. The build is also connecting thousands of educational facilities, from schools and universities to children’s nurseries and creches, significantly improving online learning facilities for students nationally.

Beyond connectivity, the network transformation facilitated by Openreach’s Full Fibre initiative is poised to play a crucial role in addressing various social challenges. Full fibre reaches banks, financial buildings, libraries, art centers, museums, and emergency services buildings, including coastguard and mountain rescue.

Ultimately, Openreach’s network expansion is set to contribute significantly to the UK economy by connecting people and businesses, fostering new models of commerce, healthcare, and public services.

Emily Turner

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