Openreach Achieves Milestone: 12.5 Million Premises Now Connected to Full Fibre Network

Halfway Mark Reached in Ambitious Plan to Connect 25 Million Premises

In a groundbreaking achievement, Openreach, the UK’s leading digital infrastructure provider, has successfully connected 12.5 million homes, businesses, and public services to its ultrafast Full Fibre broadband network. This milestone marks the halfway point in Openreach’s nationwide initiative to reach 25 million premises with cutting-edge Full Fibre technology by the end of 2026.

The company’s commitment to building a next-generation Full Fibre network sets it apart, reaching approximately 60,000 new premises every week, equivalent to covering a town the size of Tunbridge Wells in Kent. This rapid expansion translates to connecting another home or business with ultrafast, gigabit-capable broadband every ten seconds.

Openreach’s ambition doesn’t stop at 25 million. The company plans to continue its extensive network deployment, with the goal of reaching up to 30 million premises with Full Fibre by the end of 2030. As part of its ongoing build updates, Openreach has unveiled plans to deliver Full Fibre in 142 additional locations, covering approximately 1.4 million homes and businesses. This expansion includes some of the most challenging and rural communities in the UK.

Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, expressed pride in the project’s success, emphasizing the monumental engineering achievement accomplished on time and within budget. Selley credited a supportive policy environment, driving significant investment and fostering healthy competition in the UK telecoms sector. He highlighted Openreach’s rapid progress, outpacing other operators in Europe.

Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure, Sir John Whittingdale, acknowledged the significance of this milestone, recognizing the transformative impact of gigabit-capable connectivity on millions of lives. He emphasized the crucial role of fast, reliable broadband for homes, businesses, and public services, commending the UK’s rapid development of gigabit networks, outpacing other EU countries.

The success of Openreach’s Full Fibre initiative not only signifies a technological leap but also holds the promise of unlocking substantial economic and social benefits. The continued expansion of Full Fibre networks is expected to support innovative models of commerce, healthcare, and public services, contributing to the overall progress of the UK’s digital infrastructure.

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