Openreach Extends Full Fibre Connectivity to Lincolnshire Village

Over 820 homes in North Kelsey, South Kelsey, Howsham and Moortown are now connected to Openreach’s new ultrafast, ultra-reliable high speed full fibre broadband. Thanks to an investment by Openreach, homeowners in these remote towns are now saying goodbye to crawling, intermittent FTTC/ADSL2+ connections.

The massive project, which took around 6 months to complete, saw over 35 miles of fibre cable laid to build the main infrastructure that supports the high-speed broadband services in the region.

One of the beneficiaries is a local village pub, called The Butcher’s Arms, located in North Kelsey. David Wood says, “Firstly, it’s great news for the village, but also for us here at the pub. Things like our security cameras, tills, and payment systems are all connected via broadband, so our connection needs to be reliable.”

This expansion further demonstrates Openreach’s commitment to tackling the connectivity challenges in Lincolnshire and bringing digital connectivity to the people and businesses of the county. Openreach is already spearheading a move that has seen more than 95,000 homes and businesses able to access superfast fibre broadband infrastructure across the county, and the initiative represents a giant step forward in tackling the digital divide that exists in many rural communities.

In addition, Openreach is not only helping with the residential properties; they are making great progress in improving connectivity for public locations across the midlands. To date, Openreach engineers have enabled 1,900 pubs, bars & restaurants – plus the company has also completed work in raising access to full fibre for 1,500 places of worship, 1,100 village halls.

Max Walker

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