G.Network Initiative Offers Relief from Broadband Contract Bind

Internet service provider (ISP) G.Network has declared it will buy new customers out of their contracts and contribute to up to £150 toward early termination fees as part of a new offer to assuage customer fears, it announced this morning.

The drive has arisen from compelling research highlighting that a substantial number of UK ISP customers, believed to be as many as one in three (33%), are actively looking to change providers as soon as they can. An interesting fact also reveals that over one in five people in the UK’s feel they have been on the same deal for too long and are similarly unable to switch to a better deal sooner.

Kevin Murphy, CEO of G.Network, noted an urgent problem of in-contract price rises, which are an extra cost for the broadband customer, and have potential increases in April 2024 of between zero and 8%. Ofcom has proposed ways to limit in-contract price rises linked to inflation, but this wouldn’t be done until summer 2024.

Regarding the promotion, Murphy said: “G.Network is taking a stand against in-contract price rises and committing to fair, stable pricing for our customers. We believe in complete transparency and delivering what we advertise. That’s why we offer clear upfront pricing, reliable full fibre broadband and excellent customer service. And we’re so confident that you’ll stick with us that we’re covering £150 worth of early termination charges for new customers too. Now really is the time to switch.”

This is a positive move from G.Network, who are already helping to bring additional choice to residential and business customers in London. This is another example of how the U.K. is trying to achieve a full fibre brtiain!

Emily Turner

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