Openreach Engineers Join Sherwood Forest Trust in Planting 700 Trees

Sherwood Forest, legendary for being the hideout of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, recently witnessed a heartwarming collaboration between Openreach engineers and The Sherwood Forest Trust. Over a dozen engineers willingly exchanged their customary fibre broadband tools for shovels and spades to contribute to a noble cause.

Their mission? To plant over 700 trees in Maun Valley Park, located near Mansfield, an integral part of the sprawling Sherwood Forest. This tree-planting initiative serves a dual purpose: combatting climate change and preserving the natural beauty of Maun Valley, a cherished spot for local residents.

Maun Valley Park Local Nature Reserve encompasses 17 hectares of safeguarded ecosystems along the River Maun. It comprises ancient oak woodland, lush grasslands, water meadows, serene riversides, and vital wetland habitats. Historically, the river played a pivotal role in Mansfield’s development as a town, providing waterpower to local mills.

Fibre Team Leader Ben Coales, spearheading Openreach’s involvement, shared the team’s motivation: “Our team dedicates a few days each year to volunteering, and we unanimously felt that supporting the Sherwood Forest Trust was a meaningful use of our time. They’re engaged in vital conservation work at Maun Valley Park, a place close to many of us. As a local team, we aimed to contribute to our community, eagerly anticipating the growth of the newly planted trees in the years ahead.”

Openreach has been actively involved in Mansfield and its surroundings, where they are diligently constructing a new full fibre broadband network. This extensive network will not only deliver faster speeds but also enhance overall reliability. Residents eager to know when full fibre will become available in their area can use Openreach’s website and enter their postcode into the fibre checker.

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley also visited Openreach’s local exchange earlier this year, in anticipation of the launch of the new Ultrafast Full Fibre build. In recent months, Openreach engineers have been diligently working in Mansfield and nearby locations such as Chesterfield, Newark, Nottingham, and Worksop, furthering the company’s commitment to expanding broadband connectivity.

Jonny Rae

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