Openreach Celebrates Milestone: 10 Million Homes and Businesses Now on Full Fibre

Ketton, Rutland, UK – Openreach, the UK’s leading digital network provider, has reached a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize the nation’s broadband infrastructure. The company has successfully extended its ultrafast and highly reliable Full Fibre broadband network, the largest of its kind in the UK, to an impressive 10 million homes, businesses, and public services. This milestone achievement was marked with the completion of the 10 millionth installation in Ketton, Rutland, located in the East Midlands of England.

Meeting the Demands of Modern Connectivity

The nationwide deployment of Full Fibre broadband is a pivotal component of a substantial £15 billion infrastructure project aimed at delivering robust, high-speed broadband that caters to the evolving demands of modern life. With the surge in internet usage witnessed during the pandemic, the UK has experienced a doubling of internet usage in 2020, followed by sustained growth. Last year saw record-breaking data downloads, highlighting the increasing reliance on digital connectivity for various aspects of daily life, including remote work and online learning.

Openreach’s commitment to improving broadband access extends to enhancing healthcare services. The company has already extended Full Fibre availability to over 9,000 medical facilities, including GP surgeries, hospitals, and research labs across the UK. The advantages of ultrafast broadband in healthcare include improved connections with experts, remote patient monitoring, efficient access to medical records, and quicker appointment scheduling. Furthermore, the technology holds the potential for groundbreaking applications, such as leveraging AI to enhance health outcomes through diagnostic scans and data analysis.

Openreach’s efforts have not only focused on urban areas but have also reached some of the most challenging regions, typically remote and rural locations. Over 3 million premises in such areas have benefited from Full Fibre availability. Additionally, Openreach has prioritized areas identified by the government for “levelling up” and, as a result, has made Full Fibre accessible to over 3 million premises in these regions. In alignment with the Social Mobility Commission’s recommendations, Openreach has expanded Full Fibre availability to the top 25 areas characterized by low social mobility, reaching 409,000 premises in these communities.

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