Ketton, Rutland: A Milestone for Broadband Connectivity Thanks to Openreach

Ketton, Rutland – Ketton, a picturesque village nestled near Stamford, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the realm of broadband connectivity. Over 900 homes and businesses in this idyllic Rutland village can now access some of the fastest and most dependable broadband services available in the UK. With Full Fibre now on the scene, the era of sluggish speeds and buffering has become a distant memory.

Ketton’s claim to fame in the world of broadband is thanks to Openreach, which recently announced the availability of Full Fibre to 10 million homes and businesses across the nation. This significant achievement was reached during Openreach’s infrastructure expansion efforts in Ketton.

The Ketton community collaborated closely with Openreach, leveraging government broadband vouchers to facilitate the development of a new fibre network. This network offers residents a diverse range of service providers, including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Zen.

In an era marked by an annual increase in broadband usage, having access to reliable and high-speed internet has never been more critical. It plays a pivotal role in various aspects of daily life, encompassing employment, domestic routines, education, and healthcare.

Wendy Sycamore, Openreach’s Regional Engagement Manager, commented on the significance of this achievement, saying, “Ketton is a rural village, situated in a remote area, and posed unique challenges for our team. Extensive efforts were undertaken to lay fibre cables from the nearby town of Uppingham, approximately 9 miles away. Our Chief Engineer team spearheaded this endeavor, given their expertise in rural infrastructure development. The outcome is fast and dependable broadband, benefiting homes and communities throughout this region.”

Openreach’s dedication to expanding broadband accessibility has garnered substantial interest and excitement. To address queries and provide insights into the benefits of Full Fibre, a group of Openreach engineers spent a day in Ketton, engaging with the local community. They brought along a mobile showcase filled with practical examples illustrating the functionality of fibre and offered straightforward explanations of its numerous advantages in everyday life.

Dave Phillips, a Ketton resident, expressed his enthusiasm for the village’s achievement, stating, “It’s amazing how the village community pulled together to make this happen. Many people had to choose between working or home-schooling their children during Covid, because their connection was not able to cope. Thankfully, we’ll never need to make choices like that again. The increasing reach of digital services into healthcare and life, in general, will now be accessible to all who need it. People who want to start their own business will be able to do it from home. This is an example of the impact that Openreach’s full fibre build will have, improving the quality of many people’s lives.”

Jonny Rae

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