Morton Residents Celebrate Quickline’s Full Fibre Broadband Launch with a Free Chippy Tea

Morton, Lincolnshire, witnessed a heartwarming gesture as Quickline, the provider of fast and reliable full fibre broadband, treated local residents to a delightful portion of fish and chips. The free chippy tea event was Quickline’s way of celebrating the launch of its full fibre broadband services in Morton, marking a significant milestone for the community.

Quickline’s full fibre broadband service offers game-changing internet speeds that have the potential to transform the digital experience for residents and businesses in Morton. The local community enthusiastically embraced the offer and gathered at J’s Chippy in Morton to enjoy the fish and chip giveaway.

Sarah Thurman, a member of Quickline’s community team, expressed her delight, saying, “It was great to see and speak to so many people from Morton who were excited to enjoy a tasty portion of fish and chips on Quickline. We had a good turnout, and it gave us a brilliant opportunity to treat the people of Morton to a nice tea on a Friday.”

Such community events serve as an excellent opportunity for Quickline to connect with the local population, understand their needs, and share information about the broadband packages available to them. Morton now joins the list of communities benefiting from Quickline’s fast and reliable broadband services as the company continues to expand its presence in rural areas across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Jonny Rae

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