Lightning Fibre Expands Full Fibre Network to Stone Cross, Offering Hyper-Fast Connectivity

In a significant expansion of its Full Fibre network, Lightning Fibre, the East Sussex-based Full Fibre network builder, operator, and Internet Service Provider (ISP), has launched its services in Stone Cross. The deployment brings guaranteed symmetric Full Fibre broadband with speeds reaching up to 900Mbps for residents and an impressive 10,000Mbps for businesses.

Network Rollout and Local Impact:

Founded in Eastbourne in 2018, Lightning Fibre has rapidly expanded its footprint, and the commencement of the Full Fibre network in Stone Cross marks another milestone in its mission to provide cutting-edge connectivity. The company’s interim CEO, Stefan Stanislawski, expressed enthusiasm about the swift network rollout, citing the satisfaction of thousands of customers across East Sussex. He also acknowledged the support received from Huw Merriman MP, highlighting the positive impact of Full Fibre technology on consumers.

Government Commitment to Gigabit-Broadband:

Huw Merriman MP, while unveiling the latest Lightning Fibre Primary Node Cabinet that caters to 5,000 homes and businesses, emphasized the importance of private investments, such as Lightning Fibre’s, in meeting the government’s commitment to delivering nationwide gigabit-broadband. The introduction of hyper-fast full fibre broadband in Stone Cross aligns with the government’s pledge to enhance digital connectivity.

Transformation in Download Speeds:

The Full Fibre network replaces outdated copper wires, significantly transforming download speeds in Stone Cross. Previously averaging just 30-40 Mbps, the new technology ensures guaranteed download speeds of 150Mbps or more at the modem. Notably, as a symmetric network, upload speeds are also maintained at a minimum of 150Mbps, even in households with multiple devices in simultaneous use.

Affordable Connectivity Amidst Economic Challenges:

Recognizing the financial pressures on households due to the rising cost of living, Lightning Fibre has introduced a special tariff named Fibre50. This 50Mbps symmetric residential package is tailored for households on means-tested benefits, offered at a competitive rate of £15 per month with a flexible 30-day agreement. Additionally, the company plans to launch a multi-gig (2.5Gbps) residential service in early 2024, further expanding its offerings.

Registration and Switching Process:

As the Full Fibre network continues its rollout, Lightning Fibre encourages people in the area to register their interest on their website. Once an area is connected, customers can seamlessly switch online or contact the customer service team at 01323 380260.

Emily Turner

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