Kloud9 Continues To Bring Full Fibre To the “Forgotten Lands”

Kloud9 announces another plan to connect up to 400 properties to ultrafast full fibre, in collaboration with BDUK, in a rural Shropshire village.

Although the numbers seem small, Kloud9 is excelling in the rural space and collectively making significant strides in connecting the “forgotten” rural spots in the north.

We wrote about Kloud9 for the first time in April and were pleasantly surprised by the work they were carrying out. They seemed to be building outside the limelight for the previous two years, coming onto our radar early in 2024.

The ISP brings a refreshing model to the altnet world. No heavy-pressured investment. No outrageous targets. Just decent, full fibre broadband for MDUs and rural villages.

They’ve made a good name for themselves in and around Manchester by being a partner to some of the UK’s largest property developers. They operate on a “pre-connect” model, terminating the fibre inside large multi-property high rises, allowing new property owners instant access to up to 1GB full fibre (at a good fair price).

There’s absolutely “nout” (northern for nothing) wrong with specializing in this type of connectivity, and it’s not for everyone. Although the properties passed are somewhat fewer than other altnets, the quality of work and connected customers is sky high. Working with developers like Salboys (developing top-tier properties) means the work carried out has to be to an ultra-high standard when providing ultra-high connectivity.

But of course, MDUs aren’t their only niche. They bring the same high standard of work to the complete opposite of property types – rural homes. It’s not easy bringing fibre into rural locations, with limited to no infrastructure to utilize, but somehow, Kloud9 keep doing it! Tackling difficult landscapes to create full fibre solutions for small communities. Again, it’s not a model for everyone, but these guys have done incredibly well in building their businesses in these two niches.

Typically, Kloud9 manages to deliver full fibre to rural villages, from start to finish, in around six months. Villagers: over the moon. Kloud9: happy, loyal customers, connected. It’s a win-win all around!

Here’s what a local resident, Mary Newton, who gained access to full fibre in the village of Clun, had to say: “For the past few months in Clun, we have seen a lot of installation work going on for the new high-speed fibre communications systems. We signed up with Kloud9 and are happy to say we were connected yesterday – the first house in Clun to be connected to Kloud9! The engineers and all the staff have been very efficient and friendly, and whenever you need to call them the good thing is that you get through straight away to someone in the UK and not some foreign call centre.”

Comments like that are pretty much the standard all around. In previous articles, almost all statements from the communities praised the Kloud9 engineers. They’re a tight-run outfit. Their engineers work closely with the owners, bringing a positive “work together” mentality into what is usually a “connect as fast as we can” culture. It’s pretty refreshing.

We have no doubt we’ll be publishing more and more positive news on Kloud9, connecting the “forgotten lands,” so to you as the reader, keep an eye out (or subscribe to our newsletter) and to you, Kloud9, keep up the great work!

Jonny Rae

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