ITS Teams Up with Generation Next to Empower Young Professionals

In a bid to empower and guide young professionals in shaping their careers and fostering the next generation of leaders, ITS has partnered with Generation Next. This collaboration aims to provide the guidance, support, and opportunities necessary for young talents to thrive in their careers.

Contributing to Generation Next’s Milestones

The partnership between ITS and Generation Next has already yielded exciting results. ITS played a crucial role in one of Generation Next’s standout events for 2023—the Generation Next Awards. As sponsors of the Volunteering and Social Impact category, ITS actively participated in this event. Marie Steele, ITS’s Social Value Manager, brought her expertise to the judging panel.

The category witnessed a wealth of exceptional candidates aged between 18 and 35, all showcasing a deep commitment to innovation combined with a strong social conscience. Steele noted that judging was no easy task due to the exceptionally high caliber of applicants, saying, “The category was tough to judge as all the applications were fantastic. We had real trouble at the end deciding who should win because the standard was so high! They were all very inspiring.”

Courtney Brindley emerged as the winner, recognized for her remarkable efforts to improve the lives of individuals affected by domestic violence. Her work, including the development, delivery, and promotion of the J9 Training program, shines a spotlight on the tenacity and dedication of the up-and-coming workforce. It also underscores a positive trend in the next generation of professionals, highlighting their ability to juggle multiple priorities effectively.

Courtney’s J9 initiative makes a tangible impact on domestic abuse victims by enabling workplaces to better support employees facing such challenges. The initiative encourages businesses to create safe environments where individuals can access information and assistance related to domestic abuse.

Empowering Young Professionals for the Future

At the heart of the collaboration between ITS and Generation Next lies a shared commitment to empowering young individuals to take control of their destinies. ITS, known for its dedication to forging its unique path, recognizes the importance of providing young people with opportunities and inspiration to become future leaders.

The partnership between ITS and Generation Next nurtures innovation and individuality while addressing contemporary challenges in today’s competitive landscape. Courtney’s achievement exemplifies innovation for social change, making her an ideal recipient of the Volunteering and Social Impact award.

Moreover, Generation Next spotlights local innovation in the East Midlands, giving the region the recognition it deserves as an entrepreneurial hub. Sponsorships from ITS further promote local entrepreneurship, driving investment and support to the area.

Jonny Rae

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