Gower Witnesses the Arrival of Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband

Gower, United Kingdom – Openreach, the UK’s leading digital network provider, is making significant strides in transforming the digital landscape of the Gower constituency. Rebecca Evans MS and Tonia Antoniazzi MP recently visited Openreach engineers to observe their efforts in deploying an Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband network across the Gower region.

This ambitious project aims to provide homes and businesses in the area with faster and more reliable ‘full fibre’ broadband connectivity. Openreach has invested a substantial £5 million* into this initiative, resulting in over 40% of properties within the constituency already benefiting from some of the fastest and most dependable broadband speeds available.

The tour led by both politicians commenced at the telephone exchange in Gowerton, which serves as the starting point for Openreach’s network in a significant portion of their constituency. During their visit, they engaged with engineers and gained insights into how full fibre technology is paving the way for robust and future-proof internet connections for years to come.

At the Gowerton exchange, both MS and MP had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with real-life fibre splicing, a critical process where two ends of fibre optic glass cables are seamlessly fused together. This splicing work is pivotal in extending the ultrafast network to areas like Three Crosses, demonstrating the commitment of local Openreach engineers in delivering this groundbreaking technology to communities across Gower.

Rebecca Evans MS expressed her optimism about this investment, stating, “This investment is good news for Gower and good news for Wales. It was great to see how local Openreach engineers are installing Full Fibre broadband – a technology that is providing our communities with faster and more reliable internet, supporting businesses and residents across our constituency.”

The visit was coordinated by Ashlee Thomas, Specialist Fibre Manager at Openreach, who highlighted the significance of this technology deployment. Thomas emphasized the dedication of Openreach engineers in keeping Gower communities and the entire region of Wales connected. She encouraged residents in the local area to stay informed about the ongoing developments by checking Openreach’s regularly updated fibre checker, which provides real-time information on the progress of the broadband build and the availability of full fibre in specific areas.

This initiative reflects Openreach’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that communities in Gower have access to cutting-edge broadband infrastructure. As the project continues to unfold, more residents and businesses in the constituency can look forward to reaping the benefits of ultrafast full fibre broadband.

Jonny Rae

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