Gigaclear Launches £75,000 Rural Sports Club Fund with Darren Gough as Ambassador

Former England fast bowler and cricket icon Darren Gough is throwing his weight behind the Gigaclear Rural Sports Club Fund, a new initiative set up by the UK’s largest rural alternative broadband provider. The fund, totaling £75,000, is geared towards supporting grassroots sports clubs in rural England, specifically those within the Gigaclear network, by facilitating the acquisition of essential sports equipment.

As the Managing Director of Cricket at Yorkshire and a prominent figure in the sporting community, Gough has accepted the role of fund ambassador. He recognizes the challenges faced by many sports clubs, particularly those in rural settings, and emphasizes their crucial role in fostering social connections within small communities.

Expressing his support, Gough acknowledged the struggles faced by local clubs, highlighting their significance in providing opportunities for individuals of all ages to experience the numerous benefits associated with sports participation. From positively impacting mental health to enhancing physical well-being, Gough emphasized the potential for local clubs to nurture future talents across various sports.

Growing up in Monk Bretton, a small Yorkshire village, Gough shared his personal connection to local clubs. Joining the cricket club at the age of eight, he quickly advanced to the first team. Acknowledging the absence of a football club, Gough’s father played a pivotal role in establishing Belmont FC. Gough emphasized the reliance of local clubs on the support of parents and the broader community to sustain their operations, including fundraising for sports equipment.

Gigaclear’s Head of Marketing, Andrew Brotherton, expressed enthusiasm for the launch of the Gigaclear Rural Sports Club Fund and the involvement of Darren Gough as an ambassador. Brotherton underscored the fund’s mission to address the financial challenges faced by many rural sports clubs, making it easier for them to access even the most basic equipment, such as goal posts, rugby tackling pads, or bowling machines.

Gigaclear, known for its commitment to providing full-fibre broadband to rural areas, extends its support to local sports clubs through this initiative, recognizing the integral role these clubs play in the community fabric.

Max Walker

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