Openreach Expands Ultrafast Full Fibre Network, Welcomes Selby and Ainsty MP

In a significant development, Selby and Ainsty MP, Keir Mather, delved into the advancements of the ‘Full Fibre’ broadband network during a recent encounter with Openreach engineers in North Yorkshire. The initiative, backed by an investment of £36 million, is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape in the region.

Mather commenced his immersive journey at the local telephone exchange, gaining hands-on experience in fibre splicing—a pivotal process where delicate strands of fibre optic glass, thinner than a human hair, are seamlessly fused. This engineering feat underpins Openreach’s Full Fibre network, which has already linked over 120,000 properties in North Yorkshire.

Following the Selby exchange, Mather embarked on a brief journey to a nearby housing estate, witnessing the culminating stages of the Openreach Full Fibre network. Engaging with local engineers, he explored the transformative potential this technology holds for communities across the county.

Expressing satisfaction with the progress, Mather underscored the importance of embracing this technological leap. He emphasized the local significance of the £36 million investment, heralding it as a boon for residents and businesses in both urban and rural settings.

“I’m pleased to see the progress being made by Openreach to deliver full fibre across my constituency and the rest of North Yorkshire. It’s vital that local people take advantage of this new technology as it becomes available,” remarked Mather. “This is a significant local investment and great news for people living and working here in Selby and elsewhere in North Yorkshire—in both our urban and rural communities.”

The tour, guided by Openreach Senior Manager for Fibre Build, Danny Finn, provided Mather with insights into the challenges and realities faced by engineers in deploying this cutting-edge technology. Finn encouraged locals to stay informed about the ongoing build through the Openreach fibre checker, facilitating a seamless transition to full fibre, which might even prove more cost-effective than existing broadband packages.

Openreach’s investment of £36 million has facilitated the creation of an ultrafast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre network, reaching over 120,000 homes and businesses across North Yorkshire, spanning communities such as Easingwold, Huby, Malton, Pickering, South Milford, Tadcaster, and Whitley Bridge. The company has publicly disclosed plans to extend this initiative to numerous other North Yorkshire communities.

The Full Fibre technology offered by Openreach is touted to be up to 16 times faster than the average UK broadband connection and five times more reliable than the antiquated copper-based network it supersedes. With a plethora of broadband providers, including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Zen, residents can anticipate seamless streaming and enhanced online gaming experiences. Simultaneously, businesses can rely on robust broadband support for critical operations such as video calls, banking, and customer interactions on social media platforms

Jonny Rae

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