Gigabit Networks and CityFibre: Reshaping the Broadband Landscape

In the highly competitive UK consumer broadband market, Gigabit Networks, a relatively new challenger, is making waves by embracing modern, full-fibre infrastructure. Ben Hustwayte, the Head of Consumer Business at Gigabit Networks, sheds light on the company’s journey, its alliance with CityFibre, and the challenges faced in the dynamic broadband landscape.

Expanding Reach: Midlands to Nationwide

Gigabit Networks initially earned recognition as the ‘Best ISP’ in the Midlands, showcasing its commitment to delivering high-quality, full-fibre internet services. The company’s partnership with CityFibre propelled it beyond regional boundaries, allowing Gigabit Networks to extend its services across the entire UK.

Ben Hustwayte, a seasoned professional with over eight years at CityFibre, brings a wealth of experience to his role as the Head of Consumer Business at Gigabit Networks. Passionate about maintaining service quality, Ben emphasizes the importance of Gigabit Networks’ vision to be recognized for providing top-tier full-fibre broadband services nationwide.

Navigating Challenges in a Competitive Market

Competing in the fiercely contested retail broadband market is a significant challenge, especially for smaller Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Gigabit Networks, in collaboration with CityFibre, has managed to not only enter but thrive in this demanding space. Ben acknowledges the delicate balance required to navigate the competitive landscape, emphasizing the need for easy access to an expanding network footprint while keeping prices competitive.

Gigabit Networks, leveraging CityFibre’s network and other alternative networks, offers impressive speeds of up to 900Mbps to UK homes. The company maintains a delicate equilibrium, providing entry-level services starting at 160Mbps for as little as £25 a month.

Prioritizing Service and Simplicity

Ben underscores the importance of service and simplicity in retaining residential customers. While competitive pricing may attract customers initially, the end-to-end in-home experience, smooth installations, reliable connections, and excellent support are crucial for customer retention. Gigabit Networks aims to deliver not just high-speed internet but a seamless and hassle-free experience for its users.

CityFibre Partnership: A Strategic Advantage

CityFibre’s national access product, onboarded by Gigabit Networks in September 2023, enables the ISP to serve customers across CityFibre’s nationwide network from a single handover point. This strategic collaboration allows Gigabit Networks to expand its service reach as CityFibre continues its nationwide expansion.

Ben expresses excitement about CityFibre’s participation in Project Gigabit, highlighting the opportunity to provide high-quality connectivity to underserved premises. He acknowledges the potential for CityFibre’s growth through acquisition, creating avenues to connect hundreds of thousands of new premises rapidly.

Championing Service Excellence in the Broadband Ecosystem

Being a challenger ISP in a market characterized by aggressive pricing and promotions is not for the faint-hearted. However, Ben emphasizes the significance of customers migrating to companies like Gigabit Networks, attracted by the promise of something different and a commitment to service excellence. With CityFibre as a strategic partner, Gigabit Networks aims to break new ground, lead the way, and redefine the broadband landscape through continued service excellence.

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