Full Fibre Spearheads Ambitious Expansion for Ultrafast Internet Connectivity

In a determined effort to revolutionize internet connectivity, Full Fibre announces its ambitious mission to establish a comprehensive full fibre network, catering to numerous towns and villages. The company is committed to ensuring network coverage to every premise in its expansive list of 130+ build towns, aiming to deliver ultrafast internet to as many communities as possible.

Expeditious Network Expansion Methodology

To achieve this extensive network deployment, Full Fibre relies on a strategic approach, encompassing the utilization of fibre optic cables through Openreach’s existing infrastructure. Approximately 80% of the network build leverages Openreach’s underground ducts and telegraph poles, ensuring a streamlined and minimally disruptive installation process. This method allows Full Fibre to navigate the complexities of diverse terrains with efficiency.

However, acknowledging the uniqueness of each location, Full Fibre adapts its strategy in areas where Openreach’s infrastructure is not readily available. In such cases, the company adheres to industry-standard procedures, opting for alternative existing ducts or resorting to the installation of telegraph poles. It’s emphasized that the deployment of telegraph poles is a last resort, implemented only when no viable alternatives exist, underscoring Full Fibre’s commitment to minimizing any potential impact on localities.

Full Fibre’s dedication to ensuring a robust and accessible full fibre network reflects its broader mission to provide communities with seamless, high-speed internet access. The company’s innovative and adaptable approach showcases its commitment to overcoming challenges and pushing the boundaries of connectivity infrastructure.

Emily Turner

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