From Strategic Vision to Rollout Reality: Inside CityFibre’s PMO

CityFibre’s Programme Management Office (PMO), under the leadership of Sarah Malin, has played a pivotal role in transforming the company’s ambitious fibre rollout plans into a reality. With her unique title of ‘Director of Stuff,’ Sarah oversees a dynamic team that has propelled CityFibre to become the UK’s largest independent full fibre provider, with 2.5 million homes ready for service.

Sarah’s work principles emphasize clear priorities, alignment across departments, and embracing new challenges. Her dual role as PMO head and Group Director of Operations means she’s effectively running the company’s engine room, ensuring that CityFibre’s growth is as efficient as possible.

The PMO acts as the glue of the organization, fostering alignment between various departments, gathering feedback, addressing questions, and providing a central steer for achieving objectives.

One of their significant achievements was launching a new National Access product, allowing ISP partners to interconnect at a single location, saving them substantial upfront investments in equipment.

Another success was the seamless transition from GPON to XGS-PON network platforms, executed at impressive speed.

Sarah attributes their success to CityFibre’s ambitious culture, clear objectives, and the commitment of everyone within the organization.

As CityFibre enters its next phase, the focus is on driving quality and customer growth. The PMO ensures that every premises marked as ‘Ready For Service’ is prepared for a seamless customer install.

Sarah’s team serves as truth-tellers and action-makers, providing unbiased feedback and managing necessary actions.

Sarah’s unconventional journey to a senior executive role highlights her belief in leadership through experience and action.

CityFibre’s challenger attitude sets it apart in the industry, with Sarah and her team at the forefront of complex programs and strategic conversions.

The impact of CityFibre’s challenger mindset is evident in the improved connectivity and choice experienced by homes, businesses, and local economies.

As CityFibre continues its journey, Sarah and her team remain at the heart of operations, ready to tackle the challenges that come their way.

Jonny Rae

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