Fresh Fibre Joins FullFibre Network to Boost Ultrafast Broadband Services

Fresh Fibre, a forward-thinking internet service provider, has entered into a partnership with FullFibre, strengthening the network’s offerings and expanding its reach. This collaboration comes as FullFibre continues its robust growth, having recently merged with Digital Infrastructure (Di), positioning itself as a significant player among UK alternative networks.

Fresh Fibre distinguishes itself by providing a range of internet packages, including 150, 500, and 900Mbps options, backed by a commitment to expertise, cutting-edge technology, and customer reliability. Embracing the FullFibre principle of no mid-contract price hikes, Fresh Fibre is dedicated to offering packages that prioritize customer value and experience.

Commenting on this new partnership, Matt Baker, Head of Wholesale at FullFibre, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We’re really excited to be partnering with Fresh Fibre, who deliver even more choice to customers looking to connect to the FullFibre network. A big part of our ethos at FullFibre is to level the digital landscape across the UK, and Fresh Fibre’s offering is helping us fulfill this ambition.”

Thomas Pearson, Technical Operations Manager at Fresh Fibre, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Fresh Fibre is delighted to be working with FullFibre to bring Ultrafast Broadband to new communities across the UK. With our UK-based call center and fair pricing models, we are well placed to deliver a service and a customer experience that is best in class among challenger ISPs.”

FullFibre has been on a significant expansion journey, announcing its merger with Digital Infrastructure and striving to reach over 270,000 homes and businesses with a live network, with the ambitious goal of delivering ultrafast broadband to 1 million live premises by the end of 2025.

Over the past year, FullFibre has successfully onboarded several new partners, including Direct Save, FACTCO, Gigabit Networks, IDNet, Link Broadband, and OctaPlus, increasing the number of partners offering services on its network to 12. FullFibre’s ISP partners now include BeFibre, FACTCO, Gigabit Networks, IDNet, Link Broadband, Merula, OctaPlus, Redline, Squirrel, and Worcester I. T Services.

FullFibre operates as a wholesale telecoms network provider, operating under the customer-facing brand Fibre Heroes. The company’s mission is to connect historically overlooked towns in the UK with ultrafast broadband, leveling the digital playing field and providing high-quality internet services.

Jonny Rae

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