CityFibre Unveils Innovative Campaign to Eliminate Unreliable Broadband Woes

CityFibre, the UK’s leading independent full fibre platform, has launched an innovative integrated campaign designed to address the woes of legacy broadband usage in 2023. The campaign seeks to motivate consumers to make the transition to CityFibre’s network, currently expanding to encompass approximately 8 million households in the UK.

The campaign’s central theme vividly illustrates the frustration of individuals grappling with an unreliable and sluggish internet connection. In a creative twist, a family is portrayed wearing oversized snail shells, emblematic of the hindrance caused by subpar broadband, effectively bringing to life the toll of inadequate connectivity.

CityFibre’s latest creative initiative incorporates a television advert set to air on Sky AdSmart and ITVX. This TV spot is strategically targeted at residents within CityFibre’s network coverage area. Additionally, it will be complemented by a comprehensive digital strategy, encompassing social media, out-of-home advertising, direct mail, and email campaigns.

New Commercial Arts, a dynamic agency renowned for its ability to fuse brand and customer creativity, is the creative force behind this campaign.

CityFibre’s nationwide full fibre network rollout now extends to over 3 million premises and is utilized by more than 30 consumer Internet Service Providers, including prominent names like Vodafone, TalkTalk, and Zen, to deliver broadband services. As the network continues its expansion and enhancement, CityFibre proudly introduced the UK’s first wholesale 2.5Gbps symmetrical consumer broadband earlier this year.

Dan Ramsay, Chief Marketing Officer at CityFibre, expressed his optimism about the campaign, stating, “After the success of our first multi-platform creative campaign, we’re back and promising the public ‘snail no more’ to slow and unreliable broadband. CityFibre’s full fibre network will help homes and businesses across the country solve the burden of poor connectivity impacting everyday life. Having full fibre at home is one of the best ways to keep us better connected with friends and remove one of life’s biggest bugbears.”

Ian Heartfield, Founder and Executive Creative Director at NCA, provided insight into the campaign’s creative approach, noting, “A challenger brand like CityFibre needs work that punches above its weight. Work that stands out from the category. Hence a family with snail shells on their backs, going about their painfully slow daily life due to painfully bad broadband. Until, that is, CityFibre rock up and rid them of their burdensome shells.”

CityFibre’s innovative campaign promises to reshape the landscape of home broadband by offering a compelling alternative to unreliable legacy networks, ultimately empowering consumers to embrace the advantages of a fast and reliable full fibre connection.

Jonny Rae

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