Freedom Fibre, We’re Hearing All The Right Things…

Freedom Fibre seem to be on a mission this year. Its clear the company is in “hyper focus” mode since the merger of VX fibre as we see new partners onboarding left, right and centre!

It’s great to see the company expanding at such a pace.

The combined network now offers 285,000 premises passed, so ISP’s coming onboard will have a good chunk to go after. From what we hear, the commercials are impressive too. As the market became “stale” towards the back end of last year, with some larger networks “tightening pockets,” I think this is the perfect recipe for Freedom to come out and deal some real damage.

The firm comes with an incredible wealth of knowledge, with the founder and CEO, Neil McArthur being an absolute veteran within the broadband space, having served over 24 years within telecoms and connectivity. He is the absolute OG, being the founder of Opal Telecom in the 80’s (anyone over 30 within the Telco space is very familiar with that name), which of course ended up merging with Carphone Warehouse, creating TalkTalk in 2002. Jump forward to 2018, and Neil became CEO of Fibre Nation, a TalkTalk backed FTTP network that was promptly acquired by Cityfibre in 2020 (for a cheeky £200m).

As if that experience wasn’t enough to set this firm on to huge success, they also have some huge-hitters on the operations and finance side, with Tony Moore as CDO (Chief Delivery Officer) and Darren Woods as CFO.

Chuck all of that together with a name everyone knows in the channel, Lee Sutch (heading up B2B), I think Freedom is going to be hammering penetration on their footprint this year, and we’ll be keeping a close eye.

We’ll keep bringing our readers the scoop on Freedom smashing 2024 out the park! And touchwood, we can get Neil in our podcast studio!

Jonny Rae

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