Ofcom’s Wholesale Review Has begun!

Well, its been a while! Ofcom announced it has “kicked off” its review on regulations within the wholesale space, in the UK. The last review was back in 2021, so its been a long time coming.

The push comes as we now have a vast array of different networks operating in the UK. Previously, we only had two major players to consider. So to say this “review” will be interesting is an understatement! Hear me out… Ofcom has access to really decent raw data, so when the review is released to the public, it will give us a much deeper inside look at things!

The review back in 2021 was interesting enough, as in the wholesale game, data and statistics are pretty limited. So when they announced they’re running a new one, our eyes were locked!

On they’re website update, they state “Since the conclusion of our last review in 2021, Openreach and many other companies have ramped up the rollout of their next-generation networks. Gigabit-capable broadband is now available to more than 23.2 million homes (78% of the UK), and more than 17.1 million homes (57%) can access full-fibre broadband. We expect to publish our main consultation on proposals for regulation early next year, with a view to publishing our final decisions in early 2026.”

If you’re in the industry, I’d recommend registering on Ofcom’s site for updates, but you can, of course, register on ours and receive our weekly newsletter (winky face).

Emily Turner

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