CityFibre Wraps Up £15m Full Fibre Network in Lowestoft, Signalling Connectivity Boost

CityFibre, the UK’s premier independent full fibre platform, has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the primary-build phase of its full fibre network in Lowestoft. This marks a substantial leap forward in providing top-notch connectivity to nearly 30,000 homes, major businesses, key public sector establishments, and community sites in the town and its peripheries. Lowestoft now stands as one of the best-connected locations in the country, solidifying CityFibre’s commitment to nationwide coverage.

Initiated in 2020 with an investment exceeding £15 million, the project expanded its scope during the rollout to encompass nearby areas such as Carlton Colville, Normanston, and Gunton. While the primary-build phase concludes, CityFibre remains proactive in exploring avenues to extend its reach, targeting new build properties, multi-dwelling units, residences on private or unadopted roads, and business parks.

Residents in Lowestoft are now poised to enjoy cost-effective, gigabit-capable, and reliable full fibre broadband through a selection of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including Vodafone, TalkTalk, IDNet, Zen, and Giganet. Almost all residences covered by the network can schedule a full fibre installation within a swift five working days of placing an order. CityFibre’s network boasts download and upload speeds of up to 2.5Gbps and supports symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps.

In 2019, CityFibre secured a contract from MLL Telecom to deliver full fibre infrastructure to over 600 public sites, encompassing local authority offices, schools, libraries, and leisure centres for Suffolk County Council. The network also caters to various other public facilities around Lowestoft and its vicinity.

CityFibre recently clinched a £100 million contract from BDUK to subsidise the deployment of full fibre infrastructure to 80,000 hard-to-reach homes across Suffolk. In parallel, the company has committed £74 million to reach an additional 56,000 homes in the county.

A comprehensive report by consultancy firm Hatch, commissioned by CityFibre, outlines substantial economic, social, and environmental benefits for Lowestoft from its enhanced digital infrastructure. Projections indicate potential productivity and innovation gains exceeding £119 million, coupled with a £26 million boost from an expanded workforce over a 15-year period. The enablement of 5G rollout alone could drive up to £284 million in positive economic impact.

Neil Madle, Partnership Manager at CityFibre, expressed his delight at the completion of the primary-build, stating, “I’m delighted that Lowestoft can benefit from better broadband now that the primary-build of our full fibre network has been completed. Equipped with fast and reliable full fibre infrastructure between the town’s streets, residents can now enjoy seamless streaming, even when using multiple devices at once, with ample productivity and innovation benefits for the local economy.”

Emily Turner

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