Scotland’s Digital Landscape Transformed: Openreach Unveils £50 Million Broadband Boost

167,000 Homes and Businesses Across 25 Locations to Benefit from Full Fibre

In a significant development for Scotland’s digital future, Openreach, the UK’s leading digital infrastructure provider, has announced a colossal £50 million investment to bring full fibre broadband to an additional 167,000 homes and businesses across 25 new locations. This move is part of Openreach’s relentless nationwide plan to connect 25 million premises with its advanced full fibre broadband network by the end of 2026.

The newly revealed locations, including Bannockburn in Stirling, Lochgelly in Fife, and Clydebank in West Dunbartonshire, represent a strategic expansion of Openreach’s network to meet the increasing demand for ultrafast, gigabit-capable broadband in Scotland.

Openreach’s commitment to building a faster and more extensive full fibre network than any other UK provider is underscored by its impressive pace, reaching approximately 60,000 new premises every week. This achievement is equivalent to covering a town the size of Livingston in West Lothian every week, highlighting the scale of Openreach’s ambition.

Robert Thorburn, Openreach Scotland Partnership Director, expressed pride in the success of this national infrastructure project. He emphasized the project’s adherence to timelines and budgets, with the new £50 million investment poised to benefit 167,000 more Scottish homes. Thorburn highlighted Openreach’s remarkable journey from a standing start just a few years ago to making life-changing technology available to over a million Scottish premises.

As part of Openreach’s broader plan, the company aims to continue building beyond the initial 25 million target, with the ultimate goal of reaching up to 30 million premises with Full Fibre by the end of 2030. This ambitious trajectory positions Openreach as a key player in unlocking substantial economic and social benefits, supporting the economy, education, healthcare, and public services.

Meeting the Demands of Modern Life

The surge in demand for full fibre is evident as approximately 400,000 Scottish homes and businesses have already connected to the new network. Data consumption on the Openreach UK-wide network is soaring, with roughly 1.8 million Terabytes used every week – equivalent to every single person in the country watching two full HD movies every day.

Powering Up Public Services

Openreach’s Full Fibre has already reached more than 760 medical facilities, including hospitals, GP surgeries, and pharmacies, along with 420 care and nursing homes in Scotland. The network has also extended its reach to over 1,100 educational facilities, including schools, universities, and 340 children’s nurseries & creches, enhancing online learning opportunities for students.

Tackling Social Challenges

Beyond connectivity, the network transformation holds promise in addressing various social challenges. Full fibre has reached 300 banks and financial buildings, 175 libraries, art centers, and museums across Scotland, along with 110 emergency services buildings, including coastguard and mountain rescue.

Growing the UK Economy

Openreach’s extensive network will contribute significantly to growing the economy by connecting people and businesses, marking a pivotal moment in Scotland’s digital evolution.

Jonny Rae

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