Cheriton Gears Up for High-Speed Full Fibre Broadband Revolution Thanks to Openreach

Cheriton is set to join the ever-expanding list of areas benefitting from Openreach’s ambitious Full Fibre broadband rollout, encompassing over 2,800 towns, cities, boroughs, villages, and hamlets.

This transformative Full Fibre broadband upgrade, considered a once-in-a-generation development, promises to provide thousands of local residents and businesses in Cheriton the capability to connect multiple devices at gigabit-capable speeds. Furthermore, it positions these entities to effectively trade online, ensuring competitiveness for decades to come.

Approximately 4,000 homes and businesses within Cheriton are poised to reap the advantages of this broadband upgrade, marking a significant milestone in Openreach’s continuous program of build updates. Importantly, this announcement signifies the inclusion of all exchange areas in Folkestone within the ambit of ultrafast Full Fibre investment.

Full Fibre broadband is renowned for its superior attributes, including heightened reliability, resilience, and future-proof connectivity. It offers fewer faults, consistent speeds, and sufficient capacity to effortlessly meet the burgeoning data demands of the digital age.

Local residents are encouraged to visit the Openreach website for ongoing updates regarding the broadband rollout. As the build progresses, they can also ascertain the availability of services from their chosen provider by checking their respective addresses.

Kieran Wines, Regional Partnership Director for the South East, emphasizes Openreach’s unwavering commitment to advancing Full Fibre broadband accessibility. He highlights the tireless efforts of their highly skilled engineers and build partners in delivering some of the fastest and most reliable broadband services.

Wines affirms, “Nobody in the UK is building full fibre faster, further or at a higher quality than Openreach.”

The monumental implications of this broadband expansion are underscored by a report from the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR). According to the report, connecting the entire South East region to Full Fibre broadband would inject a staggering £8.7 billion boost into the local economy. This infusion of funds is projected to stem from the unlocking of smarter work methods, improved public services, and amplified opportunities for the next generation of home-grown businesses.

Moreover, the CEBR report reveals that enhanced connectivity could reintegrate 64,000 individuals into the workforce across the region, including those in small businesses and entrepreneurship sectors. This demonstrates the profound socio-economic benefits of bridging the digital divide through Full Fibre broadband connectivity.

Jonny Rae

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