Zzoomm Hits 200,000 Properties Passed!

Zzoomm’s gigafast Full Fibre broadband network has passed 200,000 ready-for-service properties across 29 locations in its latest milestone.

Three things we love about Zzoomm:

  1. The brand. Hats off to the marketing team. You’ve got no chance of missing one of the Zzoomm vans while they install full fibre.
  2. They offer a 2GB package as standard. Does everyone need 2GB broadband? Absolutely not. Do people want 2GB broadband? 110%.
  3. They promote next-day installation. This must create a good amount of customer loyalty. Imagine moving into a new home, finding out full fibre is available, and when you go to order, you get a message popping up saying, “We can install your service tomorrow.” “Yes please,” says the happy customer.

To give a rough overview of where these guys have been building, here’s a snip from their coverage map…

Now, here are some comments from Matthew Hare, Chief Executive:

“We have continued our strategic approach to build, adding a further 50,000 homes and businesses to the Zzoomm network since passing 150,000 last year; and we’re seeing excellent take-up in these locations.

“We are welcoming thousands of new customers to Zzoomm each month as we bridge the digital divide for those living in underserved towns – with an exceptional product and exceptional customer service offering.

“We’re rapidly heading towards 30,000 customers, who now have access to some of the fastest broadband speeds anywhere in the world!

When Zzooomm hit 30,000 customers, this will put their penetration rate (number of connected customers against properties passed) at 15%. With the next-day install and 2GB product offer, I can imagine this number will only increase further.

Zzoomm, Zzoomm!

Max Walker

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