YouFibre Unveils Game-Changing ‘£1 Standard Tariff’ for Ultrafast Broadband Access

YouFibre, a prominent player in the UK’s rapidly growing broadband sector, has introduced a revolutionary pricing scheme, starting from as low as £1 per month, for its new customers. This new pricing model, a response to the prevalent cost-of-living crisis, specifically targets the company’s one gigabit package subscribers, enabling them to pay just £1 for the initial three months and £29.99 for the remaining 24 months of their contract.

The key highlight of this initiative is the assurance of a price freeze for the entire year of 2023, underscoring YouFibre’s commitment to shield its customers from any unexpected price hikes mid-contract. Currently serving approximately 22,000 households and offices across the UK, YouFibre is set on an ambitious trajectory for growth throughout 2023. The £1 tariff is now applicable across YouFibre’s extensive UK network, granting consumers access to ultrafast and reliable broadband, complemented by outstanding UK-based customer support.

Ryan Battle, the Managing Director at YouFibre, stated, “The cost-of-living crisis has placed immense financial strain on households and businesses across the UK. With energy costs expected to rise further, we aimed to create tariffs that not only ease the immediate financial burden of utility bills but also remain competitively priced throughout the entire contract, eliminating unwelcome surprises.”

He added, “Given that full fibre broadband is now accessible to 42% of homes in the UK, consumers are increasingly recognizing the immense benefits it brings in our ever-evolving digital landscape. Our aspiration for 2023 is to connect as many individuals as possible to our budget-friendly, reliable, ultrafast network and support the UK’s transition to an entirely full-fibre future.”

Alongside revising pricing for its one Gigabit (1,000Mbps) product, YouFibre unveiled a social tariff in 2022. This initiative is designed to offer affordable broadband options for vulnerable individuals and those residing in social housing, starting from as low as £15 per month. It strongly aligns with the company’s vision to make broadband accessible and affordable for a broader spectrum of households, further emphasizing its dedication to bridging the digital divide.

Jonny Rae

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